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This is why proprietary storage sucks (TLHBFR)

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Microsoft’s SSDs that they suckered lemshits into buying vs open market SSD’s that are compatible with PS5….

Xbox overpriced shitty SSD




Not only is the PS5 SSD $160 cheaper, it’s also considerably faster since it’s Gen 4 vs Xbox shitty Gen 3 SSD that MS is overcharging for :mj:

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That's insane.  That same expansion card is over $500 in Canada :pavarotti:



On the plus side though... the Series consoles are just Gen3 capable drives.. and you can easily buy a USB enclosure for NVMe drives and get the full speed from them


2TB NVMe Gen 3 drives are like ~$190 in the US.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Impossible said:

This actually seems like something Sony would do instead of MS. 

Sony's storage track record has been great on consoles, and garbage on handhelds.


Xbox on the other hand ...


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It's actually not even a proprietary slot... and its literally just an m.2 drive inside :D


MS is definitely screwing the lemmings with that one lol

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