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The E3 showcases are over. Behold: Xbox's 2022 lineup

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I had no idea honey I flopped the kids is released this year :tom: I thought it came and flopped years ago but it turns out that was only early access. So its not even a new game, just the same tired flop lemmings have been playing for 2 years.


Xflop just goes from bad to worse. It hasnt had any games since the latter years of the 360 era but at least it always had that Forza staple, now it doesn't even have that.

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20 hours ago, madmaltese said:

Actually impressive to own 25 studios and put out so little :hest:

They're so bad at long term planning and delivering first party software at a decent pace. It blows my mind, really. 

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12 minutes ago, sugarhigh said:


And your reward for success is you get to remake the same shit forever.

Nah, now that Playground Games is making the next Fable, MS have found a way to alternate their studios works without having to make new IPs. 343 is going to make the next Gears, the coalition is going to make the next Halo and Rare is going to make the next Forza Horizon and they can just keep alternating for infinity. :poop: :laff: 

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