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The E3 showcases are over. Behold: Xbox's 2022 lineup

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2 hours ago, jehurey said:

If there was a time for Ubisoft's The Crew 3 to be released, now is the time. Because jonb needs something to play for the next 8 to 10 months.

You need to shut the fuck up because Jon plays more games in a single day than you do in months.. :pavarotti:

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1 hour ago, jehurey said:



Look at Insta-Bitch, over here.


Go cry somewhere else. Its not my fault that Xbox failed.

It's not my fault he plays more games in a week than you do in 3 months LOL



...and that sounds impressive... until you realize that all that takes is one game.. :mj: 

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If he dares to show his face you just know he's going to get personal :lawl:


"TLHBO has third world internet because he's homeless" :jonb:

"Jerky sleeps on the floor in a shared bedroom with his 14 brothers" :jonb:


"Goobersan has never kissed a girl" :jonb:



All this rage because xbox has no games. Lemmings get mad because xbox sucks and hasn't had any games since the latter days of 360, but instead of just moving on to a system that has games they stick with this flop and rage at Sony and everyone else like it's their fault xbox has no games to play.


At least ghostz has the common sense to hide behind switch :D

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8 hours ago, JonbX said:

lmao always on these loser's minds 🤣

So Jonny what do you intend to play for the rest of the year?


Thoughts on how a company with so many studios has so little games to show for it? :wonder:

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