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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 GS review - 8.0

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This game has so many boss battles that aren't even that hard but just drag on for way too long. Bosses have a ton of HP and the most efficient way to deal damage to them is to make use of the chain attacks, which is another system that is over-designed and makes you go through a bunch of canned animations and menus that make a long fight already longer.


The in-game economy is also a mess. I already have 60,000 gold but there is nothing to spend it on. Sure you can buy some accessories that have minor effects but you're already picking up dozens of similar ones by just progressing through the game normally, so whats the point?


Im just really puzzled by the way this game is put together.





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Another one, the bangers keep on banging 

Might play on Deck.

they never ported Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch, did they?   That's still a Wii U game.

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Ok after 20 hours i've narrowed down the boss battles to being the biggest obstacle to my enjoyment of the game. As I already mentioned the battles themselves drag on for much longer than they should are often too chaotic for their own good. However, another big problem is that there are just TOO many of them and they're way too frequent. It feels like there's a boss battle every 45 minutes - 1 hour, sometimes even a pair of them one right after the other. They hurt the game's pacing and detract from its other aspects that are much more enjoyable (storytelling and exploration for example).

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Just played a full scenario with a back story, freed a colony, cinematics, New characters, new boss etc... Thought it was part of the main story because of how fleshed out it was. 



Turns out it was a side quest. 



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