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Alex Jones finds out, in court, that his own lawyer accidentally sent 2 years of all his text messages to the Sandy Hook families' lawyer. And the texts directly contradict something he denied in a sworn deposition, thus committing perjury

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And we have it all, on video, to see his expression as he realized what had happened:


So the setup is. 


  • Alex Jones in a Damages lawsuit for the Sandy Hook families, for all the lies he told about the incident, and about them.
  • Its not defamation, because he's already bypassed that, and is going straight to arguing the extent of damages.


(he's also talking about moving his money, and declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying anything, but that's another story, and whatever he thinks he's doing isn't going to work)


  • So, he had already given a sworn deposition prior to this civil trial.
  • In his deposition, he is explicitly asked if he has ever talked about the Sandy Hook massacre, and whether he clearly knew he was lying about it, in ANY OF HIS TEXT messages.
  • And he said that no, he had not talked about that at all.


We are now in the trial. And his own lawyer accidentally sent a digital file to the Sandy Hook families' lawyer. It contains the last two years of text messages from his phone. ALL text messages.


They find clear evidence that Alex Jones did talk about Sandy Hook, and did know he was lying about it.


That lawyer present it to Alex Jones, as he is sitting on the witness stand:



Oh and by the way. Within an hour of this news story breaking, the Congressional January 6th Committee has contacted the Sandy Hook families' lawyer to request a copy of those text messages, because that would contain all the text messages that he may have received from other major right-wingers regarding January 6th.

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