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Derailed topic re-direction thread

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On 2022-08-05 at 12:29 AM, jehurey said:

The London track in the Music Rally mode, by far.



Maybe you should try playing it :kaz:


@Hot Sauce 




i have a script. Move his post or ban me. Rinse and repeat. Until you die 

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lol this loser

Want to argue endlessly? Maybe you just really, really, really need to get the last word in? Cool, I'm not here to judge. But sometimes a thread can get a tinsy, tiny bit off-topic and if the thread h

Spooked gouk appears again lmfao. Uve never owned a single person on this site and just run away when you’re owned. 


1 minute ago, ghostz said:

You’ll never win. You can perm ban me and kill 90% of site traffic or is it move Jerry’s post to the shit land and this can be done with. You choose. 



lol this loser

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I'm not even posting on the forum, because I just finished up watching the Kids in the Hall new episodes, and getting ready to watch the Jack Reacher show.


And this guy is fighting a two-day old post of mines.


Poor bastard.

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