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Alex Jones, Meltdown

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21 minutes ago, Goukosan said:

I remember the right wing clowns on SW used to belive this guy back in the day :drake:

yup, they repeated his Sandy Hook claims about the families.


They would say "well..........why was that father of the , supposedly, dead child laughing when meeting with Obama? Seems kinda odd, doesn't it?"


Knowing damn well they were insinuating the "crisis actors" rhetoric that Alex Jones and other extreme right-wing hate groups were doing at the time.

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Yesterday, they determined the financial judgement for the slander at $4 million.


Today, they asses the punitive damages associated with that. And that amount? $45 million.


And that's just ONE FAMILY, from one of his lawsuits.


One of the other lawsuits has 8 families attached to it.





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