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Digital Foundry || MultiVersus vs Super Smash Bros Ultimate - DF Tech Review - PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S

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  • built on UE4, 5GB
  • open beta, so it's a WIP
  • missing small visual and audio flourishes that punctuates actions
  • SX, PS5 - dynamic 4K/60, close to max settings on pc
  • SS - dynamic 1440p/60, slightly lower dof and shadow quality
  • nearly perfect 60fps. some drops to 58 on ps5 in offline
    • character select can drop due to high quality characters/rendering
  • multiversus has a post-processed look, while smash goes for a more raw image
  • smash has much more intricately designed stages, multiversus is rather static and simplistic
  • multiversus characters goes for a simpler rendering style, pixar movie-esque
    • high quality shadows and AO 
    • smash go for a more realistic texture style while multiversus has a less detailed texture style
    • good texture work and more distinct from smash
  • great animation work in the character select screen
  • good work presented in the beta, good netcode and gameplay and content so far




TL/DR: Nintendo wins. 

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Haven't watched the video yet, but Smash is superior on every level.  Visually it's far more detailed and active, with more players at a time, and some very cool environments.  Not to mention it's roster is full of most of the best characters in gaming history...  Comparatively Multiversus is flat, somewhat boring looking.  Stages are very simplistic and not nearly as flashy.


However, that doesn't mean Multiversus is bad.  I actually quite like it.. and for the teams first effort, it's pretty commendable.  They're doing the best they can with the characters they have access to, and it's fun to play in bursts for a casual like me.


We'll see how they evolve it over time.. as Smash didn't start out as the giant behemoth that it is today either.  For Xbox, PC, and PS gamers, it's the best alternative there is.

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As soon as it asked to make a WB account, I turned it off and uninstalled it.

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11 hours ago, Ramza said:

As soon as it asked to make a WB account, I turned it off and uninstalled it.

The correct response :mono: Fuck all these companies that demand you create an account.

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