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343: Halo Indefinite campaign coop coming "between November and March"

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41 minutes ago, Quad Damage said:

split-screen co-op has been canceled :sabu:




Jesus I just saw this. Honestly maybe 343 and the Halo franchise have run their course. I'm not even hating.

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It never came to the PC version of MCC either. How does 343 not know their only fucking franchise? This whole series' popularity is based in split screen and campus lan multiplayer.

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8 minutes ago, Quad Damage said:



Honestly just kill Halo.

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22 minutes ago, Ike said:

Halo is dead and no one cares about this franchise. :omglol: 


343 is honestly worst that Guerilla back on PS2. :kaz: 

Not only is Guerilla on the come up with Horizon, id rather play a new Killzone than a new Halo.

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