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New State of Play tomorrow at 6pm EST

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57 minutes ago, Remij said:

LMAO He's mad because I said I expected an release date announcement of something that's already been announced... at a State of Play :drake: 


Bubu NO. IT. WONT! :cries:  I DON'T CARE I SWEAR! :cries:  Just lemme get the last word! :cries:  



LMAO only the two butthurt Sheep crying about what I said... imagine that :tom: 


4 hours ago, Remij said:

I'll take it as you being an idiot then :tom: 


Let's make a sig bet whether Uncharted PC is there tomorrow then? :bena: 


4 hours ago, Remij said:


You cared enough to comment on it in the first place.  "bubu no Rem it wont!" :tear2: 


Now he's dick tucking :hehe: 


Remij - "bbbbbbet me please :awww:"





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