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RE Village's "Shadow of Rose" DLC will conclude the Winters family saga

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Probably a good idea that they don't try to push it to a trilogy.  This means RE9 could go in any direction.  New characters, or back to old ones... maybe a mix of both?  I feel pretty confident in assuming it will go back to a RE2R/RE3R style over the shoulder presentation again.  Will be interesting to see where RE goes next. :fblike: 

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A full game as her would have been interesting but instead they're relegating the character to some half assed DLC thats reusing most of the assets from the base game and will probably be 2 hours long. Pretty disappointing after Village's ending and the potential it showed.

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Looking forward to playing it with third person camera. I loved first person view in RE7 but for some reason I didn't like it in 8 and often wish I had a broader field of view.

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10 minutes ago, Ike said:

I’ll finally play Village when it’s released on PSVR2. 

Lady Dimitrescu in VR


Vince Mcmahon Wwe GIF

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Just now, Ike said:

Survival horror in VR is the only way to experience the genre at its best anymore. :aitch:

I'm playing Fatal Frame Maiden of the Black Water right now, a good example of a horror series that would be really cool and easy to transfer into VR. 

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