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DEC NPD and 2022 YTD results.

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ghostz until xbox wins another npd    

A Plague Tale: Ghostz Edition

Chad furries. Lmao.   ''Hi, Sonic is my name and fucking is my game!''

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I saw the leaked actual NPD numbers on another forum and thought I'd post them here




Jun-22: 277K
Jul-22: 301K
Aug-22: 341K
Sep-22: 494K
Oct-22: 456K
Nov-22: 1328K
LTD as of Nov-22: 10592K

Jun-22: 260K
Jul-22: 247K
Aug-22: 251K
Sep-22: 288K
Oct-22: 261K
Nov-22: 730K
LTD as of Nov-22: 8736K



:kaz: So even with Microshit slashing the price of the Potato Series Ls to $200 Sony still outsold the LBox consoles by almost 2 to 1. If Sony is destroying them this much in the only market where they relevant, it must be a complete bloodbath worldwide. No wonder they slashed jobs at 343 and Bathesda :mj:

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On 2023-01-21 at 11:45 AM, TLHBO said:

Ghostz is the most owned person on systemwars since dynaflop

I literally made fun of ghost about the entire forum absolutely laughing and looking down on him.


And he pretended that it wasn't true.


:lawl: And we have literally quotes in which multiple people state that, outright.


The only part of him that seems to get embarrassed is his hairline.......so it retreats all the way back.:omglol:

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