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Check out my 15k Triple OLeD Sim Rig

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Pc right?

Looks cool but with that budget, I'd rather be spending it on a nice motion seat.

I gotta upgrade my rig.

My current open wheeler can only handle 6 nms and the DD1 podium provides a whooping 20 nms.

It would destroy it immediately.

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I hate you for being rich and having the perfect little family. 


I preferred when you posted pics of delicious looking food. :meh: 


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4 hours ago, jehurey said:

why would that cost 15K?

Ok i guess only 15k if i go by MSRP,  I did get stuff  on sale 

PC w/ 4090 Strix & 7950x  was around $4300


Three   55” OlEDS $2500

fanatec podium DD1 $1300

Pedals $400

jinx sequential shifter $650

Heausi Hand Brake $260

simlab  p1x sim rig frame $1000

sparco racing seat $900

extra wheels $500

Triple Monitor Stand $300

Sparco seat bracket $85

Sparco sear slider $85

black foam board. $90




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On 2023-01-21 at 11:53 PM, Sergio Perez SP11 said:

You’d be  even better on my rig lol


There is a ton of flex on mine and it's only 6nms

But I won't buy a new one yet.

Plan on moving out

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