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Microsoft to lay off 10,000 employees between now and March 31st. Xbox and Bethesda also said to be impacted

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Another thing jerky, if your in sales, how the fuck have you managed to post about one hundred thousand times on this site and still failed to sell us all the idea you own your own console?  

yep. microsoft is poison for the industry.   they've been buying studios and ruining everything about them for decades now, it started with Rare.   can't think of a single Ip that'

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1 hour ago, Team 2019 said:

Microsoft has laid off entire teams behind Virtual, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens

:wow2: I guess no hope for VR or even Mixed reality with LBox. It’s funny they are doing this when Sony is launching PSVR2 and Apple is also about to launch their own shit.


Gonna be hilarious in the next decade or so when mixed reality and VR are popping and then MS comes in and tries to make their mark on Sony/Apple’s platform then start crying when Sony and Apple tell them to GTFO. Kinda like what’s happening now on phones with Apple and Google telling MS to GTFO. MS always does this, they never innovate but they swoop in later trying g to capitalize on other people’s hard work.

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54 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

idk whats going on but there's mass layoffs happening everywhere

Incoming higher interest rates, I think. 

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