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Wanted: Dead - Exclusive Final Preview

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Opencritic - 60
Metacritic -

Xboxera - 3/10

As the game and its plot drew to a close, as characters conversed about the truth being revealed, we're treated to a final cutscene before the credits rolled. Maybe there is more to it at higher difficulties? After being brought back to the main menu in a state of genuine bemusement, I considered pursuing another playthrough. I decided against it – I actually value my time, and the one saving grace of the game – it's unique sword/gun combat – is not enough to suffer through it again. I'll leave it to others to find out.

NoisyPixel - 7/10

Wanted: Dead is a commendable effort from this team and a sign of much better things to come. It is unapologetic in what it wants to be, and so despite all of its quirks and faults, it offers a charming and memorable action game experience that is backed by a captivating presentation. Come for the brutally effective combat but stay for the utterly surreal game world filled with fun distractions and addictive carnage. With this debut title, 110 Industries takes us back to a time when a standout vibe made up for a lack of polish.

GameSpew - 5/10

If you're not put off by its grave challenge that all too often feels unfair and its general rough-around-the-edges nature, you might have a good time with Wanted: Dead. Most, though, are likely to become disheartened and infuriated by it. It tries to do something new with the genre and we applaud it for that, but the execution isn't quite there. We love its characters and its quirkiness, and even its mechanics, but they're in a game that at the moment only sporadically feels fun to play. Hopefully Soleil can make some post-launch changes that point it further in the right direction.

PSXBrasil - 7/10

Wanted: Dead is a simple and straightforward yet challenging action game. The story is weak, there are few stages and the minigames are generally uninteresting. On the other hand, the gameplay is pretty good once you get the hang of it. If you don't care about the plot, overlook some technical problems and have the patience to learn the game, you might end up finding a good source of fun.

TheXboxHub - 4/5

Wanted: Dead doesn't give a damn what you think. It throws ideas at you left, right and centre, with reckless abandon. Luckily, most of them stick to form this weird and wonderful video game. Just when you think you've finished second guessing Wanted: Dead, it throws something new at you just for the hell of it. The combat is hugely satisfying, and even on the lowest difficulty can provide a decent challenge in the later levels. Which is just as well because you will spend a long-time hacking, slashing and shooting away at thousands of enemies. It makes the moments in between all the more enjoyable by offering something completely different to the blood-drenched world that you leave behind.

Twinfinite - 2.5/5

Wanted: Dead tries to rekindle that flame of passion for gaming's earliest titles, and while it might resonate with some who unconditionally loved this era of gaming, the final product is very unsatisfying and a reminder of why going back in time is a double-edged sword.

IGN - 4/10

As someone who considers themself an action game buff, Wanted: Dead let me down on just about every front. Its combat may be fun for a few hours, but eventually I realized that it was just a pool of shallow water to splash around in. The fights never evolved in any interesting or meaningful way, the minimal enemy variety never challenged me to change up my tactics, and worst of all I always felt weak, even when I fully maxed out the skill tree. Add on bland visuals, a distinct lack of personality and charm, and frequent crashes, and it all amounts to one of the first big disappointments of 2023.

CramGaming - 8.5/10

To conclude then, I really like this game once I got into the flow, as the hybrid shooting and melee combat works really well. I enjoyed Hannah's character and the plentiful goofy moments. However, I think some gamers won't get it, and frustrations with the camera, stun-lock and long checkpoints will dampen your experience. That said, Wanted: Dead comes highly recommended for anyone looking for an old-school challenge.
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