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Why is Flopny crying like a bitch for MS buying Activision when those fuckers bought Bungie?

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:hest: This lemshit retard OP can’t tell the difference between buying  the biggest publisher on the planet and buying a studio.


If you really think both acquisitions are the same in scope you’re an even bigger retard than you appear to be from your posts.


Also, last I check Bungie’s games are still multiplat. The retards at MS bought Bathesda and after lying that their games would be multiplat proceeded to make Starfield and future Bathesda games exclusive to the ShitBox platforms. Obviously, regulators noticed that MS are lying pieces of shit and are now scrutinizing them heavily for their current purchase of Activision.

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"Now that you met my parents - here is MY room, sorry baby, we won't both fit in my bed but... you can watch me drive my virtual car if you like 🤠" - Mala big boy

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On 2/22/2023 at 6:31 PM, sugarhigh said:

Kind of a big difference between buying developers and buying publishers.

Its astounding how many lemmings are simply too stupid to understand this, though I suppose if you weren't stupid you wouldn't be a lemming in the first place :trump2:

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