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new Mario trailer looks atrocious

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3 hours ago, SheepKilla said:


Should I watch L'Age d'or? 

I switched to another movie close to the intro, right after the movie opened with scorpions fighting in heated combat. 


I guess I liked Charme discret de la bourgeoisie and Cet obscur objet du desir but found them mostly...  forgettable years later. Now that I think of it, same even for Un chien andalou. 


If a director's movies don't stay with me, linger in my mind, I can't like them no matter how "well made" they are. 

Obscure object is one of my favorites, so I hope you liked it. I wouldn't put L'Age d'or high on the list. I'm a bigger fan of Belle De Jour (the best Buñuel imo), Tristana, and The Exterminating Angel. Also his lesser known English movie The Young One is very good.

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On 3/10/2023 at 5:05 AM, sugarhigh said:



Toddler shit :mj:


On 3/10/2023 at 1:00 PM, Jerrys Hair Line said:

Looks great!!! Can’t wait. 


20 hours ago, Jerrys Hair Line said:

Already got my tickets! 

Sounds about right. This clown has the mental age of 5 :hest:

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