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Did anyone play Wo Long?

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I really like this game. The combat is probably one of my favorites in a souls like game. Also people said this is easier than most souls games so i was happy to hear that. But, i dont think thats really the case. There are some easier bosses but there are a few that made me feel like Malenia wasnt that bad.  Lu Bu :ironing:

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I haven't. Looks pretty good to me. Not sure I'm down for a challenging Souls type game though, but for what's it's worth I breezed through Nioh 1 really easily. 

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I've been playing it. It's solid, not sure I'll finish it but I've had fun so far. It definitely feels easier than Souls, more specifically Sekiro. But the combat is fun and the linear levels make it a good game to just kinda zone out to.

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