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NHL/NBA Playoff Thread

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5 minutes ago, Ike said:

Lakers bench and supporting players>Denver’s 


Lebron & AD cancel out Murray and Jokic. Not to mention Denver hasn’t played a single team good at defense all playoffs. :reg: 


We'll see. Jokic is the best player in the series right now. Depends how they contain that.

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22 minutes ago, Ike said:

Officiating won the night for Denver. The flagrant, the goal tending, the missed calls and soft calls for Denver. Fuck those clowns. 


The officiating caused AD to be a no show all game, LeBron to miss that lay up, turn the ball over and get torched by Murray? 


Nuggets won this. 

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Dwight Howard tweeting from China that Lakers could have used his help...


He has a point... Joker was killing AD in the bubble and then they put Dwight on joker single coverage no doubles... Changed the series because they could now double Murry. 

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Denver is going to trounce either east opponent honestly. I think Celtics take it to game 6 but it ends there. Heat have the advantage in coaching but Denver is just too good and I don’t think Bam will be able to contain Jokic at all. 

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