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Not enough gameplay. Heavy on new studio announcements, which I wanted to see. Needed another 1st party gameplay demo beyond Spiderman.


They used valuable 2nd half time on PSVR2, and it wasn't totally wasted. Some of that stuff looked ok. Still no Alyx feels like Sony hasn't ante'd up yet.

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2/5 for Sony first party which is what I really care about

3.5-4/5 for 3rd party stuff.


Overall there is probably more games I'm interested on than I thought there would be but what I wanted to see was what Sony was working on and we didn't get that. 



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It was bad for a showcase. This could have easily been an extended State of Play and would have garnered a lot more praise, but this was most definitely a failure. 1/5 for Sony first party LSG garbage, but 3.5-4/5 for the third party stuff like Phantom Blade 0, Helldivers 2,  Dragon's Dogma II, Final Fantasy XVI, Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, Spider Man 2... even Alan Wake 2 looked alright. I'm actually not mad at Assassin's Creed Mirage either; looks like they are going back to roots with it and honestly thought it was an AssCreed 1 Remake at first.


Otherwise, pretty poor showing. :shrug:


Main issue was Sony's "real" first party was completely absent outside of Insomniac.

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