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"Phase 2"

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I wasnt expecting phase 2 to be a bunch of multiplats with hardly any game footage and shit bin VR games that DavidP wouldnt even play


Good move on making a dedicated screen to stream these multiplats tho....since nobody has a device already that can already do that.


Yikes, 1/10 for that show.

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2 minutes ago, Tears of the Cows said:

:mroff: wheres @FIREPOWER????



Dude was claiming last night we were going to tuck tail and run to XboxEra because we couldn't handle how amazingly awesome it was going to be.... and to be honest... I still might.... just to laugh with the lemmings about that Showcase :tom: 



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Phnatom Blade did look ok. Dragons Dogma 2 looks good but looks like Skyrim still. Not much else to look at. All CG trailers and shit. What a garbage show. This is everything nobody wants from a games show.

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