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PlayStation Showcase was Sony at its worst and a major disappointment for PS5

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It really was a bummer


-Major games like Death Stranding 2, Silent Hill 2 remake, and TLOU Factions were completely absent

-Most of the reveals or good games that were shown were multiplat (like Alan Wake 2)

-The PSVR2 games shown were a major disappointment as usual

-The Remote play tablet is a pointless device that absolutely nobody asked for


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24 minutes ago, Tears of the Cows said:

PC has a host of problems. Lol. And yours especially. 

So what? If I want to avoid said problem I'll just buy it on PS5 and get the extra exclusive offering there on top. There are no reasons to own a Xbox. 


It's not like PC can't run Hi Fi Rush or the very few Xbox ''console exclusives'' that actually exist. 


Mind finding me one example? Rofl. 

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6 minutes ago, Twinblade said:


-The PSVR2 games shown were a major disappointment as usual


RE4 looked awesome.


Arizona Sunshine 2 is great news. These guys made After the Fall, a pretty solid Left 4 Dead like shooter. A CGI trailer is shit though.


And this game looks great, also from experienced VR devs. I love the telekenis powers. 



All I wanted was Astro Bot 2 though. That's the real downer. 

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