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The Alone in The Dark remake is officially one of of my most anticipated games

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Cool, I really am starting to like David Harbour more and more. I think he did an admirable job in that Hellboy movie.


More and more character actors should absolutely get into doing video games and the whole motion/facial capture acting.


Ted Raimi's best acting that he's ever done, and probably the best role he's been given, was in The Quarry.


The other day I was thinking that Elias Koteas would be absolutely amazing in the right role in a video game.

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20 minutes ago, Twinblade said:




David Harbour and Jodie Comer play the 2 leads which is a pleasant surprise. But even better than that is the fact that the director is the same guy who wrote and directed SOMA :lawd:

Sold at “Soma” :wow2:

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11 minutes ago, Twinblade said:


Yeah I was planning on playing through it tomorrow.

It literally takes 10m.  It's really bland, but I guess it shows you a bit of what you can expect.

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