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European Commission: PlayStation outsells Xbox 4:1

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12 teraflops. :adhd: 


Gamepass is having it's best stretch ever. :adhd: 


Playstation Showcase was a disaster, Phil Spencer has a golden opportunity right now to make a come back. :adhd: 


European Commission: PlayStation outsells Xbox 4:1


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2 minutes ago, Quad Damage said:

What's to say?  MS fucked up legitimately every opportunity they had to win back some mindshare... and yes, they legitimately had some.  Halo flopped, Forza is great, but it's not anything new or special... they had no games for all of 2022... haven't seen anything from their other games like Avowed, Perfect Dark, and Fable.  Failing to capitalize on Halo for the Series console launch, and thus failing to maintain any buzz with Game Pass..  They either have a problem producing their Series X chips, or they're hoarding them for their cloud servers.  Who could have foreseen Phil Spencer literally coming out and saying they're not trying to "out console" Sony or Nintendo?  Losing key figures of their development studios.  Perfect Dark literally losing their dev team and being thrust onto Crystal Dynamics to fix, or redo... Not securing the merger with Activision/Blizzard..  It's been failure after failure.


I'm definitely playing with fire betting on them...  I'm not stupid.. I know it's a high risk/reward situation.  Being wrong about it doesn't bother me though, because I'm not a fucking lemming :D  My relationship with Xbox is "some extra games on my PC each year" ...just like any other... including Sony's.  If I was an Xbot console fan I would have killed myself by the end of last gen and switched to PS like Bodycount :lul: 


None of that changes the fact that I like betting on the underdog.. and I want to see MS actually do some cool shit with their games and succeed.  I don't need every game to be a Sony cinematic action game. I like I lot of MS's IPs.. and they have some damn good studios with projects we've yet to see... and it doesn't change the fact that it makes things interesting on a forum which would otherwise just be a Sony circle jerk every day.


After Xbox's 2022 performance... they DESERVE to be outsold 4 to 1. :shrug: 


It'll be interesting to see how they do at their showcase coming up.  Couldn't suck more than Sony's did I'm sure... :lupe: 

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It's true that Microsoft is not doing anything this gen so far, aside from some shitty exclusives on Gamepass.

Too bad though, Series X is an amazing piece of hardware, much better than that ugly ass monster pos5.


MS seems to be taking developers but not doing anything with them.

Almost three years into Series X and no new Elder Scrolls nor Fallout, not even a hint.


Rockstar, an independent studio is holding on GTA6 for so long that we might see another GTA5 remaster again.


Sucks though, because the only thing we can turn into is what? more walking simulators from Sony? Complete with SJW themes and women with dicks.


Nope, fuck that.


I´d rather stick to Switch and playing old Xbox games.


Fuck you Sony.

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They haven't had games in over a decade, and xbox consoles are terrible even down to the hardware/software of the console itself. It's an abysmal system with nothing going for it, xbox sales are surprisingly good considering all that.

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