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Is Ghostz the biggest freak in System Wars history?

Is Ghostz the biggest freak in System Wars history?  

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  1. 1. Is Ghostz the biggest freak in System Wars history?

    • Yes, there’s no bigger freak than Ghostz
    • No, it’s JonB/Robohobo/Bhytre/VGKing/other

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the rules for racism on this forum specifically mention Bald Cucky Dicky Tucky BY NAME   The most ironic part is how the most racist poster on this forum is now letting a bunch of black guy

Your dumbass was bragging about threesomes/group sex until you revealed your girl was the only female in the group....    Dudes tricked you into running a train on your girl and you fell for

Though he has some competition, it’s hard to think of a bigger freak than Ghostz.   Admitting he’s a cuck and his girlfriend prefers other men. Creating BDG (Balls Deep Gays) and almost dest

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10 hours ago, madmaltese said:

Legit question. How do you guys know this stuff? 

Like the ghostz stuff obvs he posted about here but some of the other shit you all say to each other lol surely not all of it is fucking stuff everyone has said here over the years


These clowns post real life shit. 

Like when slow Jonny back in the day kept posting that his wife and kid left him... But he didn't care because them leaving gave him more time and disposable income to play and buy Xbox games... "She took full custody Im not going to see me son" ... Good riddance he said. 


Now fast forward to 2024 and even Xbox abandoned him.... Poor slob :feelsbadman:

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