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Avowed - 30 minute deep dive released

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Not a fan of the visuals/art style but I dig the dialogue options straight out of Pillars of Eternity. 


I'm not feeling it so far but it's probably going to be good.

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59 minutes ago, Tears of the Cows said:

Never really fucked with their games tho. 

They made the best WRPG ever, New Vegas so they can go whatever the fuck they want.


Pillars of Eternity 1/2 are modern classic rpgs done right. The Outer World despite it's flaws was pretty solid, can't wait for the sequel.


I never played KOTOR2 now that I think about it but I heard great things.


When they go all out on their RPGs it's usually fucking good, especially the freedom given on how to complete quest and how you affect the story through dialogue options based on your character build. Good shit, it's not that their games are super polished and perfect but they understand what makes a good RPG click. Which is more important than everything else.

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