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Official Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Thread - 10/10 IGN, 10/10 GS, 95 Meta - Game of the Year. Best DLC oif All Time.

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Just now, Tears of the Cows said:

It auto updated lol. I can’t play til like the 20th any way, I’m sure there will be some new builds. Auto updating is off now tho 

Damn. It’s still pretty easy with an impenetrable thorns build. 

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Beat it. Whew lawd that last boss. I must have put 100 attempts into that guy. I've been using a Nagi with Unsheathe up until this point, but the punish windows are so small and few and far between on

This DLC has been very difficult for me with my character build.  I actually spent a decent portion today just in the main game getting various talismans and skills/incantations I missed for a new bui

81% positive for English reviews, 31% positive for simplified Chinese. China needs to git gud.

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