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With marketing like this, no wonder Xbox is on life support (TLHBFR!)

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:kaz: WTF is this? What the fuck are Microsoft doing?




:hest: I can assure you that people that haven't bought an Xbox by now aren't thinking of streaming their trash games through a firestick. As their console continues to become more and more irrelevant every day this is their idea of generating interest in Xbox gaming?

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How is Microsoft behind Sony on this? I feel like MS literally stole the PlayStation Now ad that Sony had that said No PlayStation? Play on PC. And all their devices.




and now, even more focus on streaming PS games on cloud devices!




"we will expand our gaming experiences to PC, mobile, and cloud.”


PlayStation App on TVs?




What Just Happened Wtf GIF by SomeGoodNews

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pretty accurate, playing xbox is like a horror game

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