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The SECOND Official WoW (Waiting on Warhammer) Thread.

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my only question is, are you stuck DwarfVSOrc/ Chaos VS human/ ??? Can you ever team up with humans/highelves as a dwarf? Or are the RVR zones stuck for certain races.

Each race will have zones devoted to their conflict IE zones dedicated toward Dwarf VS Orc, however, all races on the Order side (Dwarves, High Elfs, Empire) will be able to fight with each other in each different conflict. Likewise Destruction races (Greenskin, Dark Elf, Chaos) can do the same.

So basically your initial race choice will only decide in which conflict you start.


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go to borders order a javakoola vanilla coffee and grab Massive magazine, they have an excellent preview on Warhammer :happysad:

Scans please :glad:

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