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The Official "What Are You Playing?" Thread (Post Screens)

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2 hours ago, Ramza said:

The gameplay is extremely varied at it's core thanks to how much perks changes things up. I disagree.


Hades is one of the best roguelike so yeah, you don't like that one you might as well not bother with the genre.

this. knowing which perks to use makes beating the game a breeze. my fastest run was under 30 minutes. 

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I won't be playing anything for months or close to a year probably, stuck in bumfuck nowhere Montenegro in the middle of endless mountains, imagine Rocky IV's training location without the snow (yet)

There's this one scene in Days Gone that is a perfect example of what the game is and everything wrong with it.   

since we are on the subject of boobs and a tiny waist, i found this lovely gif

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ya erum, this shit's not in a single asian laguage. you bitches are dumb. polish and french.


wasted about a week bragging this up. thanks but no thanks. 

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Okay swo,


after you fucking bozoz ruined christmas,


V's male voice in Japanese is SEEEXEUY. kinda of an airy non obvious hero voice/ which I truly know to appreciate.


I usually like to play as a chic, but I think I may play as a male if I import it.


Supporting cast, like I thought it would, are gonna lose their western flair and purpose(ly) ethnic accents.


Jackie loses his hispanic charm. I am going to look up Dex but wow what they did with the English version. that's def. a "black man," and they made it a point to make him intelligent too (still speaking slang lfmao, but then uses words like Ontolgy).  I don't like it's another black/dark character who's seedy and untrustworthy.  beh eh, we're gonna run out of roles if we keep wanting to have all of us in a positive light AND recognized for our black//skin//culture too etc.  




I like the first person mode..hated deus ex so I'm still getting a feel for the game. I don't mind it's janky. Honestly some of the menus and shit are a bit too much/overwhelming at first. City looks claustherphobic and I think Imma spend the most of my time sitting and spinning the camera and watchig people talk?? lol wtf. 


I'm doing sparse missions per day. I still want to import. Getting a feel for it is nice though. Actually the more I play, and the more I understand the premise of the city and it's techonogoy etc. set-up first,the more I see most of this game is also normal enoug-ish dialogue. And acutally allthe cool extra words and sci-fi stuff really stands out in Japanese.. it may even be useful.  



JPN games and shows tend to make their characters sound like machine cornballs, and they don't use real slice of life human voices and inflections.  This one seems... some random NPCs do sound 80% human and the rest corny. It looks like with V (male side) they went all out. Sounds like an actor, trying to act not a cartoon, but a full-feldged movie.



I'm torn!  It's $77 to import from play-asia. But I just might. Especially if I decide/realize I like the dialogue, the game itself, and nothing else terrible happens.  I don't see whY I shouldn't just play this version till I get a feel for it, buy the import, keep laying while I wait lol, then I can return this polish trash that Kazi reccomended.




*Also wish you can literally break teh game and do shit way outta order, but I get the feeling it's all compacted into a leashed "vision of choice" experience.  Lotts of looting random shit tho (I love that actually). the fucking abilities tho??


holy shit that's gonna take me 2 playthrough to get a solid feel for, and use//abuse to do things the game doesn't expect you to.  (anywas wanna fellafigale on that and say what they experienced?).  Right now, I'm just gonna shoot shit and move on lol. It works, and I'm already feeking overwhelmed.  



BAHAHA i just figured it out.


that's fucking gladious from ffxv as jackie isn't it? lol. a lil too straightforward voice iMO. english wins.


who the fuck is the lead tho? I can totally put my name on that too.. 


man, I think I'm gonna save hearing Kueno Reeves voice over in Japanese. I gotta imagine that one will lose too, but who knows... 

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even better. V's Japanese female voice ain't really much to miss. it's soft, it's helpful, but it's not anywhere near my voice or a voice I wanna mimic, so a 2nd playthrough as male V in JPN import sounds like an even better idea.


FUCK, I need to figure out who the lead JPN male voice is. I swear i've heard this niggah in an anime or tv show. Someone said it's "kira smething, from something??"


I wanna hear Dex and some of the other supporting cast voices. I wanna know what they did with the "black voice." Who knows, maybe they found an archetype that fits.  So long as the NPCs and other characters dont' sound like charictures, I think I may import. 


lol is it fucking noctis dude??  lmfao. 

edit: fuck this ain't noctic. this is some sexy other shit. who the fuck is the voice. I like how it's not obvious, and has 2-3 tones to it that seem to vocalize at the same time. If that makes sense. 



Dex in Jap is plain. A little strong voice. Absolutely no changes in his speech/style/grammar or dialect though, actually surprisingly textbook lol wtf.


  yappari, some cultural things are lost. 80% human-ish but 20% caricatures voices in JPN, but that's usually common for their and most media, male V voice is fucking SICK. Hmmm. I'll leave Johnny as a surprise. Feiik.  I think I'm gonna import :D  



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@Twinblade @Teh_Diplomat


Bought Project Wingman. First game I actually bought full price on STEAM, but then again, $28 CAD for this is a really fair price.


I'm loving it, it's like playing an unofficial entry in the Ace Combat franchise. It sound, look and play exactly like a proper AC game.

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