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The Official "What Are You Playing?" Thread (Post Screens)

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I won't be playing anything for months or close to a year probably, stuck in bumfuck nowhere Montenegro in the middle of endless mountains, imagine Rocky IV's training location without the snow (yet)

I finally finished Aegis Rim     I want my fucking 40 hours back. I can't believe how absolutely SHIT that ending was. I couldn't be more disappointed right now.   I was

There's this one scene in Days Gone that is a perfect example of what the game is and everything wrong with it.   

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1 hour ago, madmaltese said:

As Dusk Falls is awesome. Story is superb so far and art style is cool. Decision seem major too and it's got the awesome Detroit flow chart at end of chapters to show the different paths you could take. Will defs give it another run when I finish my first. 

The acting is so bad, though. It was solid, at first. But then it fell apart for me. I was unintentionally lol-ing. 

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7 hours ago, madmaltese said:

I think I just go into games expecting that level of acting and writing haha then when it's surpassed I'm blown away (GoW, TLOU, etc)

That’s fair. I think Detroit raised the bar a bit too high for these kinds of games.

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