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The Official "What Are You Playing?" Thread (Post Screens)

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Guest Golem

I played through LOST Via Domus finally.

God it's like letting your uncle molest you for candy. And your uncle's wearing a mask of your favourite superhero whilst doing it to you.

I kind of liked the game. It feels like fan-service. The "escape from the smoke monster" sections are pretty damn stupid, but its not that much.

I wonder if the ending of that game had any clues as to what would be in store for the final three seasons of Lost. The ending confuses me somewhat.

Remember this game came out BEFORE season 4 started. I believe.

The ending was so stupid. The fact that it was all a dream makes no sense since he only met all of the people on the island AFTER it had crashed and he lived on the island.

However, the dream takes place BEFORE he even wakes up from the crash.

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I won't be playing anything for months or close to a year probably, stuck in bumfuck nowhere Montenegro in the middle of endless mountains, imagine Rocky IV's training location without the snow (yet)

since we are on the subject of boobs and a tiny waist, i found this lovely gif

I finally finished Aegis Rim     I want my fucking 40 hours back. I can't believe how absolutely SHIT that ending was. I couldn't be more disappointed right now.   I was

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I'm still playing FFXIII. I like it but the game is very straight forward. There is no freedom what so ever. I enjoy the combat. The whole paradigm shift is pretty fun and I like the method of leveling. I like being able to improve my characters when I want vice waiting to hit a mark after earning so many points. Right now I got 18 hours of play time in and I still want to play. I just think it's kind of sad how they gimped the world. The art direction is beautiful. I would of loved to explore the world but they kept it simple. There is really hardly any towns. I'm sorry but after Oblivion and FO3, you can make towns.

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Finished Alan Wake last night. I play the game slow because I was looking for Thermoses and manuscript pages all over the place. Final 2.5 chapters took me about 6 hours. The game got kind of get repetitive there at the end, and the story wasn't that compelling near the end. Not enough enemy variety.

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crawling through fatal frame 4. can't play for more than 30 minutes at a time :ben:

PUSSY :reggie:

says the guy who has it burnt/on usb but is too scared to play past the title screen :reggie:

Videogames and movies can't scare me...im an adult....sorry kiddo :reggie:

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So far Galaxy 2 is a lot better than Galaxy 1 to me. It strips out almost all of the adventure elements, and the level design is more dense. It's almost like the 3D Mario version of SMB3. I think I'll sell off the first one now.

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