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The Official "What Are You Playing?" Thread (Post Screens)

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I won't be playing anything for months or close to a year probably, stuck in bumfuck nowhere Montenegro in the middle of endless mountains, imagine Rocky IV's training location without the snow (yet)

since we are on the subject of boobs and a tiny waist, i found this lovely gif

The amount of shit going on in Control during fights is next level compared to anything else ive seen.   I also started playing Witcher 3 again. Damn this game is fucking awesome. It still l

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I thought the Sight Jacking was great, it was the actual controls that were a bit clunky but I mean I suppose it works. Kinda like old RE games, TENSION.

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I mean the game is far from great and the ending almost made me puke but as far as SH games go it's one of the better ones thus far. I loved the different Episode and the fact that they give you completely different characters to play with each being stuck in their own shitty situation. Though the "Trial and Error" gameplay can get a bit annoying but I don't remember dying much.

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Yeah, what SK said. It really does play itself. Having to repeat the same level twice to obtain orbs is also a real shitter. I dug the whole Ico-esque concept with the princess but it was just really bad. Heavy Rain has more gameplay elements.

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