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The Official "What Are You Playing?" Thread (Post Screens)

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I won't be playing anything for months or close to a year probably, stuck in bumfuck nowhere Montenegro in the middle of endless mountains, imagine Rocky IV's training location without the snow (yet)

I finally finished Aegis Rim     I want my fucking 40 hours back. I can't believe how absolutely SHIT that ending was. I couldn't be more disappointed right now.   I was

There's this one scene in Days Gone that is a perfect example of what the game is and everything wrong with it.   

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It had a great atmosphere and believe it or not, it was really engaging. Some of the QTEs were really hectic, there were a few that I had to put the game down for an hour or so after completing just to take it all in. :lol: It was a great experience, worth 60 though? Depends, it really is a movie and once you find out who the killer is it leaves little way for re-playability unless you're curious as to how the other endings turn out.

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Can't wait for them. B)

Funny thing is I was going to buy them for the 360 but the day I decided that was the day they announced it for PS3. :ben:

Rather play it with friends then strangers tbh.

i wonder if they'll run better on the ps3. though gt4 looked blurrier on sony's machine, it definitely had a better framerate and less pop up.
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B) The worst part about HR is the demo levels and they're the first few levels you encounter. Which is why my first impression was a bit :meh2: it got good though and the QTEs became less tedious and more AM I GUNNA DIE
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That really depends I guess, I mean any one of your 4 characters can die at any given time AFAIK. I clocked (I want to say) ~10 or so hours. There was no game clock from what I saw though so it's a rough estimate.

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I think you'd dig it, it has a great atmosphere and IMO it's pretty damn engaging. Getting over the whole QTE thing can be a bigger hurdle for some though.

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