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How would you feel if Mass Effect 3 ended like this?

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Shepard = Luke Skywalker

Liara = Princess Leia

Garrus = Han Solo


Shadow Broker drone = R2D2

Saren = Darth Vader/Anakan Skywalker

Kaiden Alenko = Obe wan

Anderson = Yoda

The Illusive Man = The Emperor

Tali Vas Normandy = Lando Calrissian

Ashley Williams =

Wookie = Wookie

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Thats what bioware fags wanted. They got a dark ending instead and are now raging.

It's not that it was "dark" that made it suck, it's that it was a bad ending with a handful of plot holes that did.
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okay ME3 ending was not dark. and I'm not implying that it was by posting the SW ROTJ film ending. I'm saying ROTJ ending was good, ME3's ending was terrible.

Bioware overdid on the science fiction evolution technological spin where I'm sure many viewers like myself wondered WTF are they talking about. The only game that I've played that managed to pull off this type of sci-fiction spin (and I wouldn't be surprised this game is what Bioware and a few other game developers have tried to replicate as their own) is Metal Gear Solid 2's ending.

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