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DURANGO Devkit Features a "Monster" 16 Core IBM Power PC CPU

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:reg: srsly good luck.. be ready to work for cheap at the start of your career.

Especially in this economy. Worst time to start a career since the great depression.imo.

without the "reg", I agree. However there is over 99% job pickup within 6 months from the program im graduating, so i think i'll be okay.
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16 core 64 thread cpu with 4 GPUS and 12g of ram

Spicoli commands English worse than an immigrant yet he expects us to believe he is some kind of high level associate with IBM. No one that works with technology conveys their message with so many grammatical and formatting errors. Someone that works for a giant like IBM would type with complexity and use the full breadth of the language with ease like it's second nature. Not the tripe this chump gives us on this forum. You're a sham and everyone else knows it but you. Even your retorts are elementary and petty. By all means regurgitate the same stale crap you always do when you get called out. We could use a good chuckle this late at night. :geese:

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I'm sure there are some developers who "expect" ( meaning they don't know shit ) the PS4 to be more powerful. But just like the cows, they're gonna be disappointed cool.gif

There are so many things I could say to own you right now.......but instead I'm just going to quietly bump your thread so that the whole forum can laugh at you again.

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