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  1. 13 minutes ago, Cell said:

    I bet if you compared the total Xbox to PlayStation percentage sales for the games on this chart it would be a massacre. No wonder Sony is rumoured to be cutting timed exclusive deals, they’ve been pushing the most games for a long time to back it up. 

    It's like a theatrical release on PS4 and then eventually reaches streaming a year later on Gamepass. :hest:

  2. 1 hour ago, Liquid said:

    That's the final stage of Trump supporting. Just pretend what is happening isn't actually happening. I had a shoot last night and the girl wanted to display her ACAB tat so I figured she's definitely not MAGA and we end up talking for hours about his corruption. 


    This isn't the normal slow moving, hits you in a decade kind of corruption or even his using world leader connections for personal bail outs like Jared, or the dodgey Ukraine call. This is legit a smash and grab job. 

    Well this was ultimately the Republican's long term plan. I guess we can be somewhat grateful they elected a complete moron who says all the corrupt shit out loud on tape for the world to hear. His base is hopeless though and there's no point in having a normal discourse with them. He's already said what's true, that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose a single supporter.