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  1. How was that not a foul on Porter? He basically fell on Kuzma.
  2. Chargers letting Mahomes run for 21 yards up the middle on a 3rd and 20. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Thought COVID was going to end the season early, but turns out it'll be teams not having enough uninjured players.
  4. Did Shanahan fuck one of the football gods' wives during the off-season? Jesus.
  5. There's a large fight at what I assume is near the end of the game in Wasteland 3 that takes fucking forever to finish because the game is so slow at processing enemy/friendly turns. Had the game crash in the middle of it on my first attempt, had an enemy turn fail to resolve on my second attempt so I had to restart it, and then after my third attempt Kwon and Jodie Bell leave my group despite not doing anything wrong. Fuck you, Wasteland 3.
  6. lmao that computer is almost old enough to have been the one you played on during the CSS days.
  7. An ~80% decrease in load times without any game specific improvements seems pretty good to me.
  8. Damn, even Substatic could probably run this.
  9. 61 pass attempts in his second game lmao Burrow looks legit, though.
  10. Ugh, I am not ready for that kind of commitment after Wasteland 3 and with Cyberpunk so close.
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