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  1. I was expecting a little bit more than just some rando's off-hand remark.
  2. The Series S/X might be a year old before Microsoft catches Sony on new games released on Microsoft's own platform, so it'll be awhile.
  3. I don't disagree that a lot of office jobs have a bachelor's degree as a requirement for no reason relevant to the actual job, but your post was pretty clearly painting spending 6 years in university in a negative financial light when the ROI has a pretty significant impact on the average person's lifetime earnings.
  4. Moving threads shows up in the moderation history that mods have access to and there are no such entries for this thread.
  5. The US Department of Labor Statistics has somebody with a master's having twice the salary of somebody with just a high school diploma. The person with the master's catches up in total net earnings in their mid-30s lol.
  6. Better get something interesting after five years in development.
  7. Apparently we wouldn't even need to give a reason for it either, just repeat 'free market capitalism!!11' over and over.
  8. It'll have some funding campaign on the internet somewhere by the end of the year.
  9. Play in tournament. LeBron's tears about the play in tournament.
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