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  1. Hot Sauce


    So many terrible CSS players ITT
  2. Looks ergonomic and the tech is cool, but boy is that thing fugly.
  3. Not in my made up reality.
  4. I'll see it every weekend because when I close my eyes and imagine hard enough all I see is a competent front office.
  5. South Korea has been dealing with the virus for almost two months now, but their total number of cases is three times less than the number of new cases in the US yesterday alone and their total number of deaths is six times less than the number of deaths in the US yesterday alone. It's entirely possible to contain the virus from spreading a second time here in the US, but we need to be proactive about it. There was reason to doubt we'd see what we're seeing now in the US, so I'm not trying to get into political finger pointing. We've seen it now, though, we know it's real and we know the harm it can cause to the population and the economy. Let's hit the reset button, get people back to work, continue the social distancing interventions, and test everybody that even thinks about showing a symptom. I don't care if you're out of breath because you just ran a marathon, are allergic to peanuts and just had a bite out of a PB&J, or are choking on a bone from a chicken wing, you're deep throating the swab.
  6. RED CROSS is STEALING and growing children to be used as MEAT and selling them through the UKRANIAN embassy! The coronavirus is a cover for the UNITED STATES to save our CHILDREN! PROOF WAKE UP SHEEPLE
  7. Have you heard about the Human Farming Project? :o
  8. This site really needs functionality that allows mods/admins to block users from seeing each other's posts.
  9. I have to interact daily with the person that posted this on Facebook.
  10. I was going to make a post the other day about who we'd see talking about 5G first, you or HolyAx.
  11. Nobody is saying he should die, but the attitudes are pretty callous and devoid of the support for a recovery that correlate pretty well with an indifference to him dying. At the very least we should all be hoping for a full recovery so we can shout 'I told you so' at him.
  12. Nintendo Arthritis and Playstation Thumb. I wonder why there's no medical term for playing too many Xbox games.