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  1. NYPD has had a lot of officers out sick, so I could understand it from that angle. It would just undercut the NYPD funding cuts if fewer officers meant more crime, so I doubt that's what he's getting at.
  2. I really don't understand how police reform turned into getting rid of police.
  3. It's not really a personal rights issue as the police already have the right to search your phone with a warrant, they're just unable to without Apple's help.
  4. One of my complaints with the game was that the early MULES were so easily dispatched by just punching them that it made weapon progression feel pretty pointless. I never even bothered with the bola gun because I figured it couldn't make those encounters any easier and would just add weight.
  5. You know how when you get tired of Jehurey ignoring what you're saying and just continually repeating the same thing over and over you type in all caps in one last attempt to get your point across? Imagine me doing that now with 'this has been the dominant strain in the west.'
  6. Really? Because they have a pending article that says exactly what I just did. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/8/20-1525_article
  7. The D614G mutation was always what was prevalent in the US and Europe. There's also no evidence that it has any impact on the severity, whether for better or worse.
  8. State police. It was closed because of the protesters. The police are saying they think the driver avoided barricades by going up an off-ramp and doing a u-turn to get to the scene of the accident. The statements are coming directly from the state police. I don't know. It's definitely not bullshit, but even with the closure it seems pretty stupid to be protesting on a freeway. Best case scenario nobody tries to go around the barricades and you're protesting on an empty freeway in the middle of the night. Who is going to see/hear your message? Worst case you get something like what happened. There's just no upside to doing this. You're way off base cheering the guy on or thinking he doesn't at the very least share blame, though. Avoiding the barricades by going up an off-ramp is a dumbass move and it almost killed two people.