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  1. "[Resident Evil 4] is, without a doubt, one of the finest horror-action games ever made. Just perfect level design and pacing." @Remij_ and @DynamiteCop! in shambles.
  2. I mean that doesn't come close to maxing out a single 80MHz channel even without MIMO.
  3. I mean that article doesn't really say anything of the sort outside of the clickbaity headline. The WSJ article about the restructuring plan it cites doesn't even mention tariffs and the NBC article it also cites pretty bluntly states that the layoffs are structural. Agreed. I can't believe it's 2019 and people still fall for the idea that companies are just a tax cut away from creating jobs as if demand isn't the primary motivator in job creation. The thread title said the tax cuts are responsible for the layoffs, though, which is utterly ridiculous. GM is profitable, too, which makes the layoffs even worse. While the two companies have criticized the tariffs and stated the staggering effects they have, the official position on these layoffs from the companies is that they're part of restructuring plans that aren't responding to cyclical factors. Now, I'm not saying Ford and GM aren't painting the picture that best suits them and the tariffs are completely devoid of impact on these layoffs, but seriously just go re-read the title and first post and this thread just fucking sucks.
  4. Where did you hear that Ford blamed it on the GOP tax cuts or the ongoing trade war?
  5. Bucks got Giannis turning into an MVP and went from one of the worst coaches in the league to one of the best. Getting Kawhi and dropping Casey should put the Raps in the finals, but you're just being ridiculous if that Bucks team doesn't look like a serious upgrade over last season. Raps are still the more talented team, though. There's nobody else to blame for FVV turning into a second string G-League chucker that is just completely killing the second unit thanks to still getting almost 20 minutes a game. Or the inconsistency from guys like Green, Ibaka, and Gasol, that have enough playoff experience that consistency shouldn't be the problem in limited roles. Raps not making the finals would be disappointing, but if they bow out in a competitive, seven game series against this Bucks team I wouldn't be too upset. Problem is they're playing like they're lucky to have avoided a sweep.
  6. Up there with RDR2 for the most overrated game of 2018.
  7. I don't even think they're noticeable, tbh. Gotta look real hard to really tell that's not just the spire. Beauty intact? Check. 4+ bars for mobile Fortnite? Check. Everybody wins.
  8. I bet all that stone makes cell signal in that place fucking suck, so I think they should re-build the spire as a cell tower.
  9. I don't think looking to the Republican playbook for inspiration is a commendable idea and I don't really think "it works" is much of a defense, especially when we both agree that the 2016 election wasn't particularly indicative of Republican popularity and that Democrats crushed the 2018 election. I also disagree that you have to choose between mantras and policies. You can have both and Pete's problem is that he has none of the latter. In my opinion, his comments aren't born out of any kind of legitimate opposition to a policy focus, but a convenient way to dismiss criticisms of his lack of policy. A pretty core criticism of Democrats is that they're more concerned with touting values than implementing policy to make it happen, which is what makes Pete's comments so funny. I don't disagree that another criticism of Democrats recently is their focus on the wrong issues and on too many issues, when they should be focusing on a subset of issues that have widespread support and benefit. I don't think that's an issue of complexity as a breadth problem doesn't imply a depth problem nor does it excuse an anti-policy stance even if it were, though.