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  1. No A&E, so no Cold Case Files. Hadn't heard of FBI files and the whole series is apparently available on Prime, so I'll give that a look.
  2. Love me some Dateline. HBO's docuseries about Adnan Syed is fucking trash.
  3. But the next line after what I previously quoted is this: If Rosenstein resigns or says anything that suggests his opinion was superseded, sure, but I don't think jumping to that conclusion is healthy. I really don't think this sounds like he's leaving the door open: We'll see if Barr's opinion on the report ends up being inaccurate, but you're just completely misrepresenting the summary and jumping to conclusions.
  4. The report says that the special counsel cannot determine one way or the other and provided evidence for and against such a determination so that the DoJ can decide. The DoJ's decision was included in the summary that Barr released (emphasis mine):
  5. So this is the real reason Jon switched factions.
  6. Deeno is one of the best things to happen to this forum.
  7. New VtM game was obvious with that vampire dating app, but I really didn't see Bloodlines 2 being the game they announce.
  8. It's just a much more enjoyable game to play minute-to-minute even beyond the loot. You take so much damage, the enemy AI is so aggressive and has a much larger arsenal of ways to flush you out of cover, and your in-combat regeneration is basically non-existent. It sounds like it can get super frustrating on paper, but it just requires being more tactical and triaging the threats on the fly.
  9. More believable than a 14 Tflop GPU.
  10. They act like Vudu doesn't exist, so this seems like a weird avenue for them.
  11. 5G isn't going to live up to the hype in most cities, let alone in suburban or rural areas.