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  1. Epic's developer account is banned. They can't re-submit anything until Apple unbans their account. There's too much money being left on the table for Fornite not to come back to iOS, but the ball is entirely in Apple's court right now.
  2. Don't let the title fool you, Epic got got absolutely obliterated in this ruling. Non-Epic developers got a decent win in that they can provide in-game buttons that link to a webpage where you can buy directly from them, but Epic wanted to introduce their own storefront on iOS and their own payment processor on iOS. Epic wanted to be the middle-man instead of Apple, but not only did the judge deny them that opportunity but the judge also ruled against Epic when it came to Epic's developer account, which means the future of Fortnite on iOS is completely in Apple's hands. It was a bl
  3. Now that's how you kick off the season, god damn. So glad to see Dak balling out already. Hasn't even been a year since his foot was pointing a different direction.
  4. Looks interesting. The re-casting of some characters and not all of them is a bit off-putting, but it feels intentional and I have to assume there's an in-world explanation (and hopefully an unexpected cameo).
  5. That review didn't seem particularly negative and the cons seem pretty easy to look past. Maybe a Tales game that's actually good? 😮
  6. lol wut I'm a Rams fan, but the 49ers are a ridiculously good team when healthy.
  7. My wife's laptop has a 3070. She says it's really good at playing Sims 4. 🙂
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