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  1. https://buy.fanflix.co/c/1ffcvzzljmr4q-lionsgate-vip-3-for-5#/movie 3 for $5 redeemable on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, or Fandango. Selection isn't great, but it's worth it just for Dragged Across Concrete (director of Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99). Figured I'd share.
  2. Tomlin has way better control of his locker room than I ever gave him credit for.
  3. The year is 2056. Switch's run of ever increasing annual sales has finally come to an end as the Switch posts a disappointing YOY drop of -3%. Alone in a darkened room sits a server hosting what use to be a lively community of forumites arguing over video games. Now those forumites have long since moved on from the community and the server begins each day awaiting new requests, but no requests are ever made and the server remains idle. Today is different, though. For the first time in decades a request to create a new thread is sent to the server. The hardware kicks into gear as the server reads the packets, assembles them, moves them up the network stack, and begins the act of creating the new thread in its database. Author: DynamiteCop! Title: NPD - Switch sales down 3% YOY Body: "See, I fucking told you guys Switch sales were going to fall of a cliff any day now."
  4. It's not legal. They're usually Ukranian based and use some dubious broad application of a fair use law in Ukraine, but that law only applies within Ukraine and to Ukrainians and a license to distribute music in Ukraine does not give you a license to distribute music in the US. None of these sites offer legal transactions in the US. You'd be better off just pirating the music if you were using these sites to "buy" music.
  5. We already spend $3.5-trillion on healthcare in the US. Why do you think $3-$4-trillion on M4A is impossible to pay for?
  6. Don't bother saving the lives of people who couldn't afford healthcare prior to the ACA?
  7. Do you think drone strikes, civilian deaths, and a general penchant for war has gone down during the Trump administration compared to the Obama administration?
  8. It was pretty black and white in that first post and all I'm asking you is to stand behind the statement, but you haven't.