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  1. An astroturfed campaign that was supposed to hurt Democrats in the midterms and failed spectacularly? That's what sums up why mainstream Democrats suck?
  2. I can't see the Navy letting Tom Cruise fly an F-18. If he's doing any flying in the movie it'll be in something else. I definitely think the shots are real. They were already doing filming from the backseat on the first Top Gun, but the shots just didn't look good so they opted for a studio rig. This time they're adamant that the shots are actually from the jets.
  3. And the Corvette's demographic dropped by 20 years on this day.
  4. We'll see how exclusives do when Switch sales fall off a cliff.
  5. If playing shirtless volleyball with your bros is gay then I don't want to be straight.
  6. Danger Zone > * Apparently Loggins is recording a new version of the song for the movie.
  7. All I wanted was a solid 'nother one of these, so glad the trailers being as awful as they were wasn't completely indicative of the product. Will buy.
  8. I mean if you're going to spend the money on a laptop anyway you might as well just build a PC now. The only thing I'd wait for is for the Ryzen 2 issues to get sorted out on the B450 boards since if you get unlucky you'll have a system that won't boot half the time.
  9. I would feel obligated to get this as a Canadian just because of that conversion rate.
  10. It's Sea of Thieves, Horizon 3, and Minecraft. This also isn't a price reduction or anything, he's just talking about a Prime Day deal. Thread sucks, I hate you.
  11. And what games are given? Is it a pick 3? Some $20 garbage? MS titles that you'd just grab off Game Pass anyway? That title says nothing.