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  1. Hot Sauce


    You can also spend a couple grand on a bike, too. My condo building had people breaking into the garage to steal bikes. Didn't even break car windows to steal from cars, just walked out with people's ultralight road bikes.
  2. I'd imagine it's being scared that there's no good outcome. If you give it a positive score you get woke mob'd. If you give it a bad score you get anti-woke mob'd. The IGN podcast probably has the context, but I'm not listening to an IGN podcast lol
  3. I thought the exact same thing for most of it's development. Who is going to know there's two studios with Avalanche in their name when one just makes movie games that doesn't even register on our radars.
  4. It's not even the Avalanche behind Just Cause, it's some movie game studio.
  5. Looks really good and the embargo being out 4 days before the standard version is a good sign, too. Hope it's decent.
  6. 343 wasted thousands of hours on making Infinite.
  7. Don't know who she is, but fuck cancer.
  8. Bengals oline looking real sus
  9. I hate the 49ers and even I'm sad that's how their season ended.
  10. If that traffic camera wasn't there this probably isn't even a story. Pretty gross to think about what these guys got away with that they felt comfortable kicking a man in the head, holding him up so he could get punched in the face, and then bragging about the haymakers they got in.
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