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  1. I don't have much reverence for much of that list. FF7, FF9, Tactics, and Chrono Cross are kinda all I care about. Xenogears is overrated garbage. The Legend of Dragoon tier (not Square, I know). Fight me. FF4/5/6 > FF7/9/Tactics, though Tactics is my second favourite FF game. Not playing a game > FF8 Chrono Trigger > Chrono Cross Secret of Mana > Vagrant Story Super Mario RPG > Parasite Eve Never played any of the Front Mission games. Square certainly defined a generation with the PS1 RPGs and I think their PS1 offerings are probably more prolific, but I just prefer the SNES offerings. I also find them wayyyy easier to go back to.
  2. I'd take the Square and Nintendo games for the SNES over the Square games for the PSOne.
  3. Even robots make mistakes sometimes. Holy shit at the Jazz vs. Mavs score. Mavs beat them 118 to 68. 50 fucking points.
  4. This shit isn't until December 6th? Between this thread and that other one hyping up the number of new game announcements I figured it was pretty soon.
  5. Yeah, and? I'm not calling GamePass good or successful. Successful and unsuccessful services alike offer free months to new users. Pointing to a free month (or a deeply discounted one) as indicative of it being successful or unsuccessful is just dumb.
  6. I use Spotify over Apple Music. Apple Music interface is garbage.
  7. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Spotify always have a free month offer for new subscribers.