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  1. Don't know why you're calling Microsoft stupid over this when it's one of the smartest decisions they could have done. Had they done a Marvel deal they'd have just wasted a bunch of money and put out a mediocre game like The Avengers game. Microsoft knew they'd fuck it up and passed.
  2. Uh oh, you've invoked the wrath of the EGS defense force. I can already hear the 'it's only been out for 3.5 years, stop expecting a decent user experience overnight reeeeeeeeee' keyboard mashing.
  3. Still have zero interest in playing it, but cool.
  4. EA looked at the hate Halo was getting for no new content and wasn't going to let somebody come for the worst dev crown.
  5. The first one is one of my favourite games that I own and never played, so I'm pretty pumped for the sequel.
  6. And what about Google providing the OS? Does that seem particularly noteworthy in the mobile space?
  7. If they printed out the text from every argument Jehurey and Remij have had and lined a hallway with it it would take longer to walk down than it does to beat Elden Ring.
  8. One shot the Goldcock Duo. Thanks for the practice, random cave in the mountains.
  9. Eh, I'd definitely grab a card that's a linear price:performance upgrade and 50% more VRAM for an extra $130. If that doesn't seem worth it I dont how you buy a 3070 Ti for $700 when we've seen 3060 Tis for $400. 3070 Tis at $700 just aren't interesting in the current market and I ducking love being able to say that considering 1660 Tis were going for that a couple months ago lol
  10. If you're gonna spend $700 on a card at this point you might as well spend $850 and get a 3080. EVGA has the 10GB FTW3 for $843 with a free shitty keyboard, Newegg had the 12GB MSI Ventus for $830 yesterday.
  11. How do you miss your target by that much this far removed from the pandemic's height? Get it together, Sony, ffs.
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