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  1. I'm really enjoying Steamworld Heist. 2D Xcom meets Worms (minus the destructibility and more out there weapons). Between this and Steamworld Dig 2 these guys might be one of my favourite indie devs.
  2. lmao seriously, this is the game Strangehold wishes it was.
  3. I'm 30 seconds in and I don't think I've ever seen such "I fucking hate this guy" body language in my life.
  4. In all cases? Just wondering.
  5. I don't know of anybody that has listened to a decent amount of Royce and thinks he isn't one of the best. Underappreciated more so than underrated, but semantics. He deserves to be bigger. Had two of the best albums of 2018.
  6. Best part about that is that's Gurley's instagram account. Dude's gonna eat a 20k fine memeing about his own team. How can you not love that guy?
  7. Hot Sauce


    Don't see you becoming a sheep, tho.
  8. Hope everybody saved all the NPCs they wanted to.
  9. Hot Sauce


    I thought it sucked, but the people that like it really like it and it's such a step forward for gaming production that it's worth at least a rental to see whether you like it or not. Weird timing though with Q1 being stacked. Shit's like 50 hours.
  10. Beat it. 6/10 Second half is better than the first thanks to better pacing, aside from a really bad final game. Wouldn't recommend it to anybody that doesn't already like Suda51 games and rule 1 of Suda51 fandom is looking past gameplay shortcomings anyway.
  11. Finger crossed the Steelers just hardball him like they did with Bell.
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and pass on the 49ers picking up AB. Do not want.
  13. It's not the Rams fault the 49ers are trash, bro.