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  1. Actually there's 4 options with one of them being blank, which represents gender being fluid and unable to be labelled.
  2. That Ghostbusters game last gen was basically Ghostbusters 3 if anybody looking forward to this didn't get around to playing that.
  3. Modded my Switch so I'll be enjoying all of those streamed from my PC.
  4. Not even the best Final Fantasy game of its generation.
  5. Poor Uplay, doesn't even get acknowledged as a platform lol.
  6. Ace Combat 7 - (AA, commercial flop) REmake 2 - (AAA and commercial success) Kingdom Hearts 3 - (AA and commercial success) God Eater 3 - (A and flop) Crackdown 3 - (A and 'impressive gamepass numbers' article by MS) Metro Exodus - (AA, commercial success) Dead of Alive 6 - (A and flop) Far Cry New Dawn - (AA, commercial disappointment) Anthem - (AA, commercial success) DMCV - (AA, commercial success) The Division 2 - (AA, commercial success) Sekiro - (AAA, good but worst commercial performance than Souls games)