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  1. God, the bike really is fucking ass.
  2. lmfao the marshmellow man I thought this was going to be more than just model swaps, though.
  3. If the word 'go' was not spit, then you must acquit.
  4. Goldman is great. You could see the Republican talking points forming about the quid pro quo being about Burisma rather than the Bidens based on Sondland covering his ass, but getting Sondland to admit that the Burisma investigation is the Biden investigation rejects that. Not that Sondland put up much resistance.
  5. Republicans: "William Taylor and George Kent aren't credible. They weren't on the call! Volker was on the call and he says there was no quid pro quo. Case closed!" Volker: "There was quid pro quo." Republicans: "Shit, uhhh, well Vindman isn't credible. Morrison was his boss and Morrison says there was no quid pro quo." Morrison: "There was quid pro quo." Republicans: "For fuck's sake! Well, Sondland, says there was no quid pro quo. It's there in the text. Everybody knew there was no quid pro quo!" Sondland: "There was quid pro quo. The text was a direct quote of Trump and not my own personal feelings. Everybody knew there was quid pro quo." Republicans have left the public testimony.
  6. 1:32 if the timstamp doesn't work. Vindman's response is
  7. Damn, this game really is faithful to the first two.
  8. Switch's banger after banger 2019 couldn't get a single nomination in the category that counts.
  9. Why are you assuming that expandable storage can't simply be non-executable?