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  1. Thank god you have a console other than the Switch. TSHBO. For real, though, hope you come out the other end fine.
  2. Nintendo's second best selling console of all-time after the Wii is the NES and it sold 62 million units. Nintendo's second best selling handheld of all-time after the DS is the GBA and it sold 82 million units. So Nintendo's second best console and handheld pairing (not even in same generation mind you) managed 144 million, but if the Switch only hit 150 million it would be bad for Nintendo.
  3. SNES + Game Boy = 114 million N64 + Game Boy Color = 87 million Gamecube + Game Boy Advance = 103 million Wii + DS = 256 million WiiU + 3DS = 89 million But yeah, not cherry picking at all and 150 million would be a massive downgrade. Shut the fuck up Aza.
  4. 1-2-Switch Just Dance 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Skylanders: Imaginators Super Bomberman R I Am Setsuna Snipperclips Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Fast RMX "set the standard too high"
  5. It's not even a medium range PC. Twinblade's PC is great, the GPU is just a low end GPU from almost 2 years ago.
  6. So the biggest factor on performance is your weak link? Like come on, dude. You could swap your 3700X to a 3600, X570 with a B450, cut your RAM in half, drop down to a cheaper, less efficient PSU, just gone with a PCIE3.0 SSD, and used all that savings to go with a better GPU and you'd have twice the performance. The GPU is everything in a gaming computer.
  7. Wouldn't be hard to figure out if you had the dimensions and a scale. The warehouses are going to be heavily monitored and everybody there is an employee of Amazon, where as drivers have fuck all for oversight and are just contractors (potentially even just seasonal ones at this point in the year).
  8. lmao back to back penalties leading to a safety
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