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  1. I'm 80 hours in, beat the game, walk around with 150+ damage weapons, and just this morning got my second battery.
  2. I don't think they're well designed, at least compared to traditional Zelda dungeons. Your objectives show up on the map and they rarely overlap. You can choose which switch you go after, but it's just a linear set of single room puzzles that don't really hold a candle to what the shrines show the mechanics are capable of. Zelda dungeons are these complex labyrinths with backtracking, mini-bosses, and "events" that just aren't there in TotK.
  3. Beat it. I really enjoyed it, but I'm still really disappointed in the temples even including the questing before you see the 'Soandso Temple' splash. They fixed the weapon problem, the shrines are great, open world quests are a lot more abundant and more interesting, but they just can't make a dungeon to save their lives.
  4. I'm going into this so dark I didn't know there was a Rogue class until reading some of these reviews.
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/diablo-4-review-mother-knows-best/1900-6418072/ 8 Flop, THHBO
  6. Completed the monster hunting quests and after that it tells you how many of each are left in the world....it's Gleeok hunting time boys.
  7. Let's all at least be thankful that the Celtics gave us 3 more episodes of Inside for the year
  8. jUsT DoN’T LeT Us wIn tOnIgHt
  9. That's a good buy. Hopefully next time you're looking there's new cards worth recommending.
  10. Got the digital deluxe pre-ordered and a 4-day weekend. So pumped for Error 37.
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