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  1. I'm not even sure this O-line could protect a QB in D1 college football.
  2. I don't understand people who go to retire in Arizona over Florida. Florida summers suck ass, but I'd still take that over living in boring ass Arizona.
  3. So I did some digging and the start of this is just some guy on Resetera saying he got an email with the link. That thread is 5 pages and nobody is corroborating the email, just filling out the survey/discussing the franchise. You guys are ridiculously gullible.
  4. How do you know Crystal Dynamics has anything to do with this?
  5. Saviour the two wins you'll take from the Rams because the 49ers ain't winning much else this year.
  6. That strategy works for the entire game. Legitimately some of the worst AI in a game I've played.
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