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  1. You can just delete the files manually. There's nothing permanent about this. Well, nothing permanent except PC's place as the best platform to play games on.
  2. Correct. Hitman 2 had an Access Pass that brought Hitman 1 levels into Hitman 2 and allowed you to use new game mechanics on those maps as well as have some more content through extra missions and elusive targets. It was a fairly decent addition and definitely the better way to play Hitman 1 maps once the game stopped getting additional support. The big reason I would avoid Hitman 1 is that there's no progress transfer from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2 or to Hitman 3. What you do in Hitman 1 stays in Hitman 1. If you buy Hitman 2, purchase the Hitman 1 Access Pass for Hitman 2 (i
  3. "Make no bones about it, Doom Eternal for the Switch is the worst way to play Doom Eternal" - Digital Foundry
  4. I like multiple monitors. Whatever I'm working on is in front of me, the monitor on my left handles Skype/Slack/Email/etc, and the monitor on my right handles all my version control/code comparisons/etc.
  5. Have they announced a multiplayer component for Village? Email going out to ambassadors about a beta test for an unannounced game. Genre: Multi-player Action Players: 4-6 people Rating: ESRB RP Outbreak remake?
  6. Yeah. The FOMO is gone. Lemme know when this shit is "complete."
  7. You'll be fine not knowing any French. You'd only need French to get around Quebec or get a job with the Canadian government.
  8. Halo Infinite is going to be a disaster, but who cares about some contract level designer that graduated in 2019?
  9. I can't think of a quote that's given as much to SW as Dyno saying Switch sales were gonna fall off a cliff.
  10. Microsoft is paying for the supply of batteries, dumbass. Even Bodycount has that part figured out.
  11. Such as a lower price on batteries to remain competitive with cheaper brands of batteries?
  12. Let's say McDonalds needs a new soda supplier. How do you think the process plays out and what is the outcome?
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