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  1. the scene where she's in the mirror room, dude. saw that in theaters and the crowd was just wild. fantastic movie.
  2. LOL no. Just have some femme features and whatnot.
  3. you considered a coding bootcamp?
  4. Whatcha studying programming wise? I also read ant farmer lmao. You got this bro!!
  5. you play the tabletop at all?
  6. It's a grind bro bro. Where you working now? You thinking of school? It opens a lot of doors if you haven't gone yet. Life leads you to where you need to be, though, and you have all the power to change any situation you're in.
  7. also if I'm in more of a math rock/emo vibe new American Football the hotelier
  8. lots of Whitney always tons of Pinegrove Parquet Courts as always most of the commute is usually The Economist though, lol
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