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Bodycount N

All EBGames Canada stores are closing for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19

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15 minutes ago, Bodycount N said:

This is so wrong. here I am, a hardcore RE collector about to be forced to buy a resident evil game as a worthless non-copy, digital piece of shit version.


Fuck this goddamned virus.


Fuck digital gaming, and fuck PC gaming too.


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the fucked up part is this RE3 CE is going to be worth $500+ easily, another CE that they made maybe 1500 copies of and sold out of within hours of the preorder page going up.


Maybe a XCock Done version will pop up on ebay for $400. but the PS4 version, where all the real RE fans are playing? Hellll No.


Here we

fucking go

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15 hours ago, Bodycount N said:



Good lord. all malls closed until May 1st. I have no way to even get to my EBgames (it's inside a mall).


No way are they getting these now. :scared: 

:D  crazy stuff. The whole province is going to be unemployed.

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