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Can anyone TRULY deny Nintendo as the industry leader?


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  1. 1. Well?

    • Call ghostz a cuck (because you don’t know what one is, likely because you are one)
    • Bring up Xbox (because PS can’t compete with Nintendo)
    • Claim they’re different markets ( LOL, you’re right, PS is niche)
    • Avoid all topics, including the OP (admit defeat)

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3 minutes ago, Tears of the Cows said:

Because it has the best gameplay in games. 

Yeah, everyone knows Breath of the Whore has the best combat and dungeon level design. 


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2 minutes ago, Tears of the Cows said:

It has the best overall gameplay. 

:pavarotti: This is what sheep has resorted to, deluding themselves into thinking their little gay Kidtendo games are truly special and something different than everything else like it's better than all of gaming. 


Overrated, overpriced, and gay. 

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Nintendo will always have my utmost respect because they have stuck with the


1. Pay $70 for game

2. Get game 

3. Play game, have fun



While every other publisher has some insane scheme to extract as much capital out of gamers as possible with: Early Access, Premium Edition, Ultra Premium Edition, Season Pass, Battle Pass, Games as a Service, GamePass rental, 4 tiers of PSN, etc. etc. 

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