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  1. yeah and they're completely different in the way they play entirely. this game is as funky as Persona 5 in many ways. Oozes style
  2. flight simulator somehow manages to be more interesting than this.
  3. there are so many games to play i've already run out of space. weekly AAA bangers will do that + an entire generation of world class PS4 juggernauts still in rotation as well
  4. 4th switch now PREORDERED (Launch, Revision 1 with better battery, switch lite pokemon ed.) I'll be enjoying SMT5 and Danganronpa DE in style best console of the 21st century is here THE new console KING EVERYDAY BANGERS(tm)
  5. Switches WorldWide are Eatin' this week We are The KINGS
  6. the series sells so poorly they barely moved a few hundred copies on Xbox lol As for TWEWY - A CERTIFIED BANGER AS I PREDICTED
  7. https://www.asobostudio.com/games/microsoft-flight-simulator This whole time, all the mediocre studios Microsoft has bought and the 'game' that carries their name on the label is made by a small independent multiplatform developer from France?
  8. lol this game was awful, i bought on xbox one like 5 years ago and it was dead then. of course its free when it's an online only game with 5 active players typical PC shit style FPS. Janky controls. 1990's visuals. Broken gameplay. floaty controls. can't even tell what you're shooting at the game is so ugly
  9. Russia is the best pace on earth. cuck faggots HBFR
  10. what's the last single player FPS that was decent? The genre is dead already. Online only POS's have no value to me nowadays. COD will be skipped this year. It's going to be another full priced $70 DLC pack for Warzone again.
  11. if they can get mass effect back on track, skate, and dead space, plus a non fagified Battlefield experience maybe EA can be saved. they're starting to move up from worst company in gaming
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