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  1. Point blank has been killing it with their ports. I’m not a fan of Warframe, but the port is probably gonna be excellent
  2. Played the demo. Not quite sure what to think of it. The aesthetic is lovely, but the gameplay isn’t the most exciting. I’ll probably get it on sale after a few months.
  3. Bought a Switch yesterday, and bought a copy of Wolf from a shady site (had to make an additional profile on the Switch and shit), gonna try it later today. I loved the game on the One X, pretty cool to have it in a portable format as well.
  4. Yay cutscenes look nice... Waddabout gameplay?
  5. Xbox one, but it has ascended with the arrival of the One X
  6. Not when all ISPs in your area are introducing the same shitty new pricing model.
  7. It's your ISP that will charge you a premium for access, not the sites. Also, this 'nothing will happen, so we'll just sit on our ass and do nothing'-attitude is not good. Do not take anything for granted.
  8. It's good. Bought it as my first 4K UHD Blu Ray. There are two downsides though. It's using HLG which is not supported by the One X, and 1080p footage is used in some places. Mostly in scenic scenes.