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  1. In Norway, PS5 pre-orders sold out in about 15 minutes. Xbox is still available for pre-ordering. Pre-orders for the series s/x opened at 9AM here, it’s now 11:59 PM
  2. I’ve got ocd AF, so was pretty certain the TV was centred. Think it might be the angle, I’ll double check tomorrow.
  3. Ray tracing worked for me after I made it through the tutorial/opening level. So from First Light it worked. It looked like this when I tried it during the opening level though:
  4. Seems they’re having some problems at least
  5. I’m a graphics whore and I thought it looked pretty good
  6. Both! Playing Ghost now. Decent game so far, but it felt weird going from TLoUII to Ghost. The characters in TLoUS have a lot more weight to them, making them feel more.. real (?). Ghost is a bit more arcady. The graphics are a bit of hit and miss too. Left my switch at the cabin, so getting in when I go back in a feel weeks
  7. I have never actually tried a Paper Mario game, but I’m buying this day one
  8. Can’t wait to test the Switch version
  9. I loved the first part of RE2, before Mr. X started stalking. That became old really fast. It wasn’t scary, it was just annoying. Sounds like RE3 won’t be for me
  10. The number of teraflops doesn’t really mean a whole lot though, if compared to PC GPU’s. With devs only having to cater to one or two specific sets of hardware, they’re able to utilise the available power in the consoles in a much more efficient way than compared developing for the PC, getting a lot more out of the hardware. Especially later on in the gen.
  11. Looks boring as hell. I’m predicting it’s gonna flop in sales and score 6.5-7s at best.
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