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Me with 2 kitties (not mine) 

Ike, I did open mic:   

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9 hours ago, Ike said:

He's a complete dick and I love him so much. :dreamy:

that was like my Q. he would knock shit over, or scratch shit, to purposely troll me. if i didn't wake up when he wanted me to, he'd bite my nose...or climb on the bed post and jump down on my face (if i covered it with a pillow, after biting my nose). but man, he could be the sweetest cat. he'd sit on my lap for hours while playing video games. i can't sell my copy of fire emblem, because that's the last game i was playing with him. the last one i completed with him was ass creed odyssey. i kept that game, as well.

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On 2020-11-10 at 8:09 AM, kazi said:


the thing is you can train dogs. there are a lot of shitty owners out there that don't deserve them. :mj2:

I used to volunteer with a dog rescue. The problem is most people get dogs with zero research and base their assumptions on the dog's appearance. The amount of people who complain that their dogs are noisy and anxious dont realize they're not giving their dogs enough mental/physical exercise, let alone any kind of training. The biggest being that they dont have to walk small dogs much or something. 

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