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  1. You know cows are fucked when they are happier that Sony made money on the game and don’t care that nobody cares about the game. Lapdog much?
  2. Already own it for my PS5 😂. I am one of the 97% that stopped playing and deleted it. 😂 https://www.videogamer.com/news/helldivers-2-has-lost-97-of-its-players-as-it-hits-the-lowest-point-ever/
  3. They also didn't ask for OTHER online gaming experience in the past as well
  4. As others have stated on social media, they are looking for any online gaming experience. "Experience with Xbox Live, PSN, Steam or other online gaming platforms". If they hire someone with Stadia experience, of course they won't be making a Stadia version. This is just more port begging from PS gamers...
  5. Super pumped about NCAA. Just downloaded it on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play the 10 hour trial.
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