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  1. taycan interior tho… Cayenne will be getting the same infotainment system
  2. Yeah for customers and down time . it’s in the waiting room. plus I live like a mile from my company plus tax write off
  3. Probably a combination of, hard work, and not having time to eat lol also, never go into business with family (except maybe your dad) Things are sour with my ex partner/cousin He was trying to sell the company behind my back when i had zero intention of selling. They wanted to sell, but not to me. To top it off my ex partner/cousin went to work for my #1 client after being bought out. (this client sent us 15k of work a month) And they made him manager, he’s now in charge of where to send their work, and he’s sending it out somewhere e
  4. Getting a quad motor cyber truck this year my kids are gonna hate it
  5. Ok i guess only 15k if i go by MSRP, I did get stuff on sale PC w/ 4090 Strix & 7950x was around $4300 Three 55” OlEDS $2500 fanatec podium DD1 $1300 Pedals $400 jinx sequential shifter $650 Heausi Hand Brake $260 simlab p1x sim rig frame $1000 sparco racing seat $900 extra wheels $500 Triple Monitor Stand $300 Sparco seat bracket $85 Sparco sear slider $85 black foam board. $90
  6. No comments about my looks no comments about daddy’s money who are you guys
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