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  1. When it's Phil Spencer doing it. I'll sign you uo though Deeno.
  2. Microsoft will be offering out free blowjobs next this is straight up begging.
  3. I would play all of xbox's good games on pc....but it doesn't have any tlhbk
  4. Lemminf finally plays PS game and likes it. Imagine that. Now jenb and deeno need to play games before bashing them.
  5. I type fast on my phone while multi-tasking....sue me. But sure distract yourself with jokes about spelling mistakes, or whatever degenerate garbage in the media they throw at you. Stops people from having to see the crisis that's right in front of their face. Edit: holy shit what is that wall of text above me. Jerry takes the award for longest post in SW history.
  6. The left are trying to shur down antone who disagrees with them. Your acerage lefty tool thinks its a good thing. They don't realize how dangerous this is and how it could be turned on them at any minute.
  7. People arguing about overpriced emulators with a limited rom selection
  8. Of course it is. It's a sinister and perverse religion too.
  9. Of course they can. Its been the intention from day one.
  10. Lmfao loads of people call for violence in the name of the left yet nothing gets done about it. Politicians and celebrities too. Funny how the left cheers this shit all the time. What happens when the tables turn and its you lot getting silenced all the time? The left have proven time and time again they couldn't give two shits about free speech or democracy as long as they get what they want.