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  1. Same here, I can't stand harry potter but this going on to be award winning would be hilarious just for the triggering.
  2. I don't know why people buy his shit bait, there's no way Ghostz is playing age of empires, especially on xbox.
  3. Everytime @Jerrys Hair Lineopens his mouth to spit some salty damage control he gets slapped. Just stay down Ghostz.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbviEYkLSEI Would definitely be banned today.
  5. Like you who pretends every ps exclusive is shit but then spends his time playing Bleeding Edge and Crackdown 3
  6. So you're playing filler than nobody would have touched if it wasnt on Gamepass, thanks for proving our point. /thread.
  7. Thats your go-to schtik with everyone, you have no ides what computer I have dell kid I do know your xbox sucks and had no games though.
  8. Its filler to anyone who isnt into mediocre flops like you lemmings will play any old shit if its on Gamepass we have seen this evidenced many times. Its the netflix approach, where instead of watching Jurassic Park you're watching a Canadian film made on a budget of $500,000 called Dinosaur Island thatd what Gamepass is, its filler.
  9. Name me all the exclusives xflop has had, 8.0+ only.
  10. Nothing to play on 2023? you mean like you've had nothing to play on Xbox since 2013? if you lemmings can survive a 10 year drought I'm sure Cows can cope with 12 months Why the fuck are you acting like PS and Xbox exclusives are comparable? PS exclusives are AAA blockbusters industry defining top of the line games. Xflop barely has any exclusives and the ones it does have are fucking trash GTFO acting like they're in the same league. Nobody cares about your shitty rental service and shovelware filled subscription bullshit.
  11. You're such a fuciing idiot If a game sucks we don't buy it. You're saying you get them on Gamepass which is the point which has been proven by all the lemmings here, you will still end up playing the 5.0 "turds" just because they're on Gamepass. Here's a hint skippy PS5 had more good games than xflop. Most of the good games on Gamepass are on PS, and some of the shit games on PS find their way into Gamepass too. If there was a case of nothing to play on PS5 then I can assure you there would be nothing to play on Gamepass since xflop had no good exclusives all those go
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