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  1. Fucking hell. You think Quantum Break had flop of the gen on lockdown, then Sea if theives comes along, which then gets outdone by state of decay 2. Just when you think surely no hyped exclusive could be more of a flop than that, along comes Crackdown 3 - this generations duke nukem forever. There is no limit to how floppy xbox flops can be.
  2. Lemmings I wonder if they truly believe the shit that comes out of their mouth. They wouldn't know a good game if they got hit in the face by one.
  3. 3 years of this shit and lemmings still thibk they're on par with PS4. There's no talking common sense into them. Xbox One is an absolute disaster. This is 3DO and Atari Jaguar territory.
  4. Omfg 5.0 How was I not aware of this. 5.0-6.0 is the new average for the lemmings. It's the best they can get. What a shit console with shit games. These clowns tried to shit on AAA ganes like god of war while hyping state of decay, sea of thieves, below and now crackdown fucking non-gamers. This flop is the new duke nukem forever.
  5. I've never seen it before. I thought it was heresy among the sheep circles.
  6. Link's Awakening > LTTP Come at me Sheep.
  7. No shit, they've always wanted to do this. They weren't going to stop just because people said no.
  8. Multiculturalism has failed. There is no argument to be had. All these traitors will be eradicated once we gain power
  9. Resetera is only big because it's a safe space for the far left. Most people can post anywhere so they're scattered out over hundreds of different forums, if you look at the people on resetera they would never be able to cope anywhere else. they'd be triggered to fuck over the smallest comment. So you get all the far left retards all in one place there, which is good because it contains them. Besides it's barely a game forum it's more of a political forum.