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  1. half of them are lemmings as if they're going to come back when xbox has flopped beyond redemption. They probably jumped off a cliff, in line with their lemming nature.
  2. He’s avoiding the question xflop going third party confirmed. Shame Dykes of War is a dead franchise at this point.
  3. Which one is this again? aren't we on number 5 by now? there are so many forza rehashes I've lost track!
  4. TLHBO


    @DynamiteCop! To be fair the controls were still a little wonky in that version. Looked nice though.
  5. Give it up Dyno, Xbox is dead at this point. It could have five 2080 TI in it and still nobody would give a fuck.
  6. Cows don't need to stick to one game because we have so damn many Besides, it's a well established fact that Halo is the most overrated game of all time. The reviews were clearly paid for at the time. Even today, Halo stands head and shoulders above every other game when it comes to having the worst level design in a videogame. No game can touch Halo in that regard.
  7. The fuck is this? the early 2000s? lemshits got no games so they’ve gone back 17 years to find one. Roff.
  8. wtf is that? I see people post it a lot on here
  9. Eww. Looks like that awful flash animation style that a number of games use now. I'm guessing it's cheaper and easier than the alternatives?
  10. TLHBO


    It always looked like shit. It was an xbox game pushed to xflop 3shitty late in development to milk all the suckers that bought an xflop for Rare games to buy yet another xflop. So Rare went overboard on the effects and we end up with plastic characters and shiny bricks which lemmings posted non-stop back in the day as evidence of how great the 360 was, despite the fact that after 2005 xflop games never had any bricks that shiny ever again.
  11. saturn and dreamcast had good exclusives though.
  12. epic store? the kickstarter page is full of pissed off people. Hoping I can get the PS4 physical.
  13. Remember when lemmings thought 2017 was going to be the blowout year with scorpio? year after year and they get less and less.