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  1. Switch is quickly becoming the "GET EXCITED ABOUT OLD INDIE PORTS" console.
  2. There's barely anyone posting here and jimbo is on lockdown. I don't see much of a threat.
  3. How many mods we got? I don't see much that needs moderating on here.
  4. So we can scratch this off as one less AA game for XB1 now? All xbox has is Forza, so this is like one of its biggest games gone
  5. For JonB the answer is "everything on PlayStation".
  6. Lmao stfu. The left are the most sensitive of all. That's their whole angle, being overly sensitive. They're unhinged.
  7. You can not be this brainwashed. It's the fucking left thinking Trump is "LITERALLY HITLER!!" and that anyone even slightly conservative is a "LITERAL NAZI!!".
  8. Lets not forget the nukes. Americans feel no shame about those, something tells me if the Germans used a nuke during WW2 and still lost we'd be talking about it differently.
  9. The commies ditched Russia and have infiltrated the west.
  10. Most lemmings stopped trying to spin this shit as a good thing ages ago, seems deeno is a bit slow.
  11. Well EA did tell people not to buy it if they didn't like it