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  1. And now we circle back to generalising an entire group of people, more proof this is fuelled by the hatred your side claims it wants to prevent. @Twinblade @-GD-X Might as well shut this down Jerry and co made it political again. I’m sure goukosan will only end up reporting it anyway when he starts hearing things he doesn’t like as usual
  2. I wish you and your crew would stop playing dumb. You always ask these kind of questions feigning innocence, everytime we get censorship it’s “what censorship? 😕 who is being censored? 🥺 nobody is being censored here 😇”. You’re either disingenuous or blind but either way means we will never get anywhere debating any of this, the fact that you, gouk and jerry are all chiming in on this all on the same side is proof enough this is a politically motivated argument
  3. Damn the entire squad is coming out to defend “their guy”, totally not political also they changed more than just “two lines”, lying to downplay and gaslight the other side is some resetera level shit.
  4. You play ganes available on pc day one on xbox, but you avoid playing PS games for years because you want to wait for a PC port?
  5. This is actually better for Sony. PlayStation is definitely the premium product next to Xbox, it’s a luxury item. Gamepass is bargin bin gaming, I wouldn’t br surprised if kids get picked on in school for playing games on gamepass rather than owning them outright on PS5 At least in most of the world anyway. America’s xenophobia keeps xbox strong there.
  6. I for one welcome Mark Zuckerberg dictating the content of classic videogames and moulding them to fit his vision of what modern videoganes should be.
  7. This xbox loving fake ass sheep. Gouk and Jerry need to purge him from the faction.
  8. This isn't even about xbox anymore for you, it's about shilling for microsoft a trillion dollar company who abuses retards like you and takes you for everything you've got. Just end yourself dynaflop.
  9. This fucking scoundrel. "I'm a hermit.....but I'm gonna celebrate Xbox everytime Microsoft releases a game on PC" @Twinblade @Alphonse I demand you change his faction group to Lemming.
  10. A game gets released for PC and somehow this makes xbox worthwhile everybody is laughing at your pathetic cope deeno. You want to talk no games? xbox has had no games for near enough a decade now and the funny part is whenever you ask a lemming what games are coming the answer is always "Halo and Forza" maybe throw in Gears a few times too. The trifecta of shit is all xbox has had since 2009.
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