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  1. Who the fuck cares? Xbox hasn’t been relevant in almost a decade.
  2. When you got no games to play so your only joy comes from a carpet cleaner TLHBFR!
  3. TLHBO

    Remeber whens

    Whippitgoo in the lead up to xbox one. Talking about HYPER MEMORY CUBES and how xbox one would be a beast. I remember when it was all rumours and whippit says to someone “you need to be able to tell the difference between which rumours are true and which are not. I can, you obviously can’t” then xbox one comes out as a worthless piece of shit and he fled the forum. I’ve never seen someone so self-owned.
  4. Grapple hook? Halo wants to be Metroid TLHBFRLLAMOLAMOROFFLE
  5. I remember hearing this was good back in 2013. Figured I’d wait for a sale though since it was episodic. 6 years on and it still only goes on sale for the same small discount everytime
  6. Wtf is this thread? Its just pages of jonb, jerry and remij spamming laughing emojis at each like always. The autism is off the charts.
  7. I don’t get why they care. PS5 is right around the corner, Sony obviously doesn’t give a fuck about porting PS4 games at this point and why should they?
  8. Sums up the lemshits. If Xbox can't have the console market, nobody can. They would rather see gaming die than see PlayStation dominate, they've always been like this.
  9. JONBpc He's totally not a Lemming guys