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  1. It’s amazing what decades of Communism can to do a country
  2. TLHBO

    Steam Deck HBR

    But why? Might as well play an Ngage if you’re gonna play a system with no games
  3. “Ahahaaha sucks for you guys with next gen games to download, my PS3 era games are so much smaller” Lol didnt sheep have shit where the games didnt even fit on carts and had to be downloded? Lmao
  4. At the end of the day, it’s still just another Snorza game
  5. So tempted to pick up on the “drive that false narrative” part but I don’t want to bring politics into this :ben: so I’ll just drop it here. I don’t even care about steam deck anyway. Its in the same boat as Vita to me in that the system itself looks great but I’m not spending hundreds on a handheld I’ll never play. I think the market will reflect this like they did with Vita. The benefit the deck has though is that its always going to have that game support and heck even if Valve abandons the os you could install another distro and keep this thing going for years.
  6. Delta variant isn’t that bad and it makes up the majority of cases here. You said yourself vaccinated people can still get it, so why am I bothering to take 2 experimental vaccines then which have actually been killing people? I’m pretty sure I’ve had the delta variant recently and if so I would have anti bodies now. There’s a higher chance of the vaccines killing me than the delta variant LOL but yeah I’m supposedly the idiot. Not going to trust people that have told outright lies all year. Now THAT would be stupid.
  7. Context is key my little lamb There’s a difference between GD saying “its not a looker” and a number of sheep cracking jokes about how it looks while telling us how sleek some Fisher price my first tablet device looks. Theres a difference between Twinkie being disappointed over no OLED and Jerry talking about how they had “compromised the REAL CONTROLS” because the sticks were too high despite telling us the wii u was the future or gaming, let alone the Wii. There’s a difference between people with no previous bias giving criticism and a flock of rabid sheep working tog
  8. I believe those 3 were from Saucer, jerry and cooke. All sheep. All the other sheep in here seem to be making the same noise but I was too lazy to go back a few pages to look for yours :reg:
  9. All these years and I never put 2 & 2 together with your username
  10. *multi-billion dollar corporation goes around buying games to pull them off rival platforms and keep them out of the hands of players* *supposed gamers* "yay this will increase revenue of this multi-billion dollar company and force players to buy their proprietary system or go without. yaaaaay." :| lemshits you can't see the woods for the trees
  11. Man the sheep are really threatened by this thing. Why? it won't come close to Switch sales. Is it just pride? There's no point denying it, the fact that the whole crew is in here throwing out some really petty excuses and insults tells us all we need to know. "it looks bad" Really? compared to the Fisher Price bright coloured plastic look of the switch? if we're judging consoles on how sleek they look like PSP > DS and PS VITA >>>>> 3DS with its postage stamp sized screen right? "the analogue sticks are up high" Li
  12. most transmission is among the double vaccinated at this point and the UK is well beyond the initial vaccination targets or herd immunity. Well beyond the first few, the number they were throwing out grew every month. 30 - 60%, 75%, 80%, 85% hey look the science changes every month based on the narrative they need to push. Now it seems that nothing but 100% vaccination will do. Lets all trust the people that have lied all year makes perfect sense. Always trust liars especially when it concerns injecting rushed to market experimental drugs.
  13. lol we all knew this was coming. How's this gonna end Jerry, you want us to wear gold stars so you can easily identify us? have us hauled away to camps?
  14. oh shit I just noticed that theres a jerry-remi -go-round starting :D well I'll leave you two love birds to it.
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