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  1. Yeah i know it's sales but I don't get why people are still buying it? it's dead. It has no games. PS4 is just a far better option. The fact that this shit still manages a "good 2018" despite being literally one of the worst consoles ever made says there's something wrong with America.
  2. How the hell has xbox had a good 2018? Who the hell has been buying a console whose only decent scoring games for the past few years have all had Forza in the title?
  3. JonB would eat it up like he did Voodoo Vince. shit its funny looking back. Blinx and Voodoo vince were a joke back in the day but in the year of SoT and SoD2 they'd be a godsend
  4. You go further back every year. Last year it was games from 2010. This year its games from 2007. Next year during your drought it will be OG xbox games from 2004. Why not just buy a real console?
  5. JonB excited about decade old games again. Xbox - game like it's 2007 all over again. LOL!
  6. Two Forza games. Fucking hell, even Microsoft is admitting they have nothing else at this point
  7. It's 2018? Who gives a fuck? I was the biggest Rare fanboy on here back in the day and even I couldn't care less.
  8. This is probably why people stick with xbox deespite it sucking. If you can only afford an hour a week for gaming then you can spread your Forza time over 52 weeks until the next one comes out.
  9. For what it's worth I likes the N64 game more than the 3DS one. You should have got it on Virtual console or emulator though. N64 game is gonna run like an XB1 game at 12fps.