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  1. Will Xbox have any games next gen? Or at least more than just flops?
  2. It’s a tough choice. Beyond 2 souls, cry of fear, mario 3d world or wolf among us. i’m gonna have to think about this
  3. The best part was when he Hes living the life we can only dream of
  4. check the guys favourites, theres quite a few more ripped onto the site
  5. This is the type of junk I think of when I hear the word “Xbox” these days.
  6. When Deeno says “this is how it should be done”, what he really means is this should be done in a game that looks so shit I have bsolutelu no intention of ever playing it
  7. lemmings care about yakuza now after knocking it for years Yakuza automatically becomes one of the best games in the upcoming xflop lineup because there's literally nothing else worth a damn
  8. Xbox Imagine paying $500 for an xflop with mandatory kinnect, paying another $500 years later under the illusion that the games are coming, then seeing your favourite flop console end its lifepsan with shit the games shown today Lemmings are the most owned faction ever. At least Sega died with dignity.