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  1. Yeah yeah, you dont get to watch one of he most evil, greedy, anti-consumer corporations on the planet buy up the industry because they never had the talent or the know-how to make their own games, and only have fucking Forza and a dying Halo brand to show after 22 years on the market. You think the cma doesnt understand the gaming market? Have you fucking looked at microsoft? You silly cunt thats why they're a global laughing stock thats why they have no games after 20 years. Microsoft does not understand gaming. Microsoft can not successfully manage dev
  2. Ms had a chance to offer suitable remedys, the cma rejected their pitiful offerings, and ms wasnt willing to go further. So the cma blocked the deal. Now it needs an appeal. But that appeal is on procedural grounds, and then the decision goes back to the cma. If the cma now has a meeting with microsoft and says they reached a compromise, that in itself is now how the cma process works, so they would already look like a laughing stock. You have to be a real cocksucker to defend a greedy mega corp run by small dick brats who have been trying to stronghand an e
  3. Oh wait, he's meeting Jeremy Cunt Maybe M$ does have a chance then, this slimeball piece of shit would sell his own kids for a profit. I really can not stress juzt how much I hope all that them die in a flaming car wreck.
  4. The FTC is holding out too, it will be an uphill struggle for the FTC sure because in America money talks and the corporations always win, but if the FTC blocked the buyout what would M$ do then? Pull Activision out of the US? The CMA can't back down now how would that look? That if you throw a tantrum like a fat little rich kid like Brad Smith did then you will get your own way and governments and regulators will roll over for you? Throwing their authority in the gutter. If the CMA caved on this it sends the message to every mega-corp out there that their decisions are meaningles
  5. It's to appeal to Middle-Eastern audiences
  6. And "good guy Microsoft" wants to buy this 69 billion dollar pile or shit knowing how bad it is. I've worked in huge companies before so I totally believe their claims. It seems par for the course that management and HR stick together and try to pin the blame on the people making the complaints. These companies are always set up so the power structure protects itself.
  7. You didn't like the Deck nor the Ayaneo, I await yojr eventual buyers remorse thread once you get fed up with the janky os and short battery life
  8. Yes but not every game will work on a PC without tinkering....unlike a console where a game will always boot after pressing play.
  9. Windows 10 is probably the most buggy and bloated pile of shit ever made Fuck having that on a handheld.
  10. Not for gaming no, not every PC game will work out of the box. Some require tinkering to even get them to launch.
  11. Lol this thinly veiled shot, like Switch is so high class and perfected, as Nintendo sells gimped retro ports 3 gens in a row which are outdone by fan emulation
  12. Yeah yeah, Deck had a lot of buzz and you sheep weren't shook...even though you've always acted like it.
  13. Mindshare among gaming communities, not mass marketshare. Deck became a darling online and created a lot of buzz, which is why sheep like yourself were triggered over it day one but seem relaxed with more niche devices like the Ally.
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