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  1. And how are blacks standing their ground? Violently attacking innocent people and burning cities to the ground? Yeah, real civil.
  2. Im not saying its the truest form, I’m just saying you can’t keep pushing and pushing and then complain when theres pushback
  3. I believe they like to be called “minor attracted persons” you anti-LGBTQP biggot.
  4. It depends on the display and content.
  5. These people think they’re so smart writing drivel like this no you’re just a marxist soy boy. Everyone wants to blame the white man for all their problems so that they don’t have to take responsibility. They keep pushing and pushing but when the swastikas come out they all start crying. Maybe just let it go?
  6. Oblivion wasnt anywhere near as good as I was expecting but I managed to put some hours into it and do quest lines. Skyrim no matter how hard I tried never held my attention all the way through. I agree with others that oblivion was better looking too. The characters might have looked bad but it was colourful and pleasant. Skryim was gray, brown and dirty looking. Like a 2007 xbox 360 shooter
  7. TLHBO


    Damn old school Substatic out of nowhere
  8. This fucker is in la-la land
  9. Why you posting the PC version? Its kind of funny what DynaFlop is saying here. “Yeah I been playing a 6.0 MEGAFLOP for 2 years while you guys enjoyed AAA exclusives but finally man, finally after repetitively playing a 6.0 with no content like an autist its finally equal to one of your games!!” Good for you deeno, but it still ain’t AAA Cows can just forget about a flop and look forward to the next AAA/AAAA, but for the lemmings who haven’t had shit in an entire generation there is nothing on the horizon