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  1. That’s exactly what me and Aza have been saying for years. Xbox’s problems didn’t start this gen, they were becoming apparent in the second half of last gen. Through devs being sold, bought out or closed Microsoft found themselves in a situation where all they had to offer people every year was some combination of Halo, Gears, Forza or 30 day time exclusive CoD map packs. No real gamer could survive on that garbage. All 3 of those exclusives were rapidly becoming stale too and to top it all off Microsoft gave a big “fuck you” to gamers while they went off chasing the casual crowd as Xbox put all their support behind Kinect. When Xbox one came around, aside from a number of bone headed moves like drm and shit hardware, they seemed to have this idea that HALOGEARSFORZA would carry the system again, but not only were these games already stale years ago, but this time 2 of them were developed by inferior devs and they were lucky to pull in scores like an 8.0 at best. Not to mention it’s very questionable about how microsoft supports its developers. Platinum games have churned out some heavy hitters, with microsoft their game gets cancelled. With Microsoft Insomniac puts out Sunset overdrive which was forgettable, with Sony they put out spiderman which was miles better. Microsoft just does not have the capability to make great games anymore. So now they run around trying to buy out every other developer but given their track record everything they touch tends to turn to shit.
  2. If Deeno doesn’t like it, you know it’s good.
  3. People who haven’t had an AAA exclusive in 6 years talking about droughts even then, last xflop AAA was paid for and only 79% on gamerankings
  4. I was ready to call this weeb faggotry but I quite liked Double Dragon neon and Bloodrayne Betrayal
  5. Gears 1 was passable because it had very little competition at the time. Gears 2 they tried much harder and it was ok though a little bit repetitive By the time Gears 3 came around, the franchise felt incredibly stale. Nobody cared about Judgement or 4. The idea of considering Gears a flagship franchise in 2019 is laughable. It should have been put to bed years ago.
  6. That’s cool, but nobody gives a fuck about what you consider to be exclusive and it means nothing in reality.
  7. Crackdown as well. All of Microsofts games seem to be behind what they had a decade ago.
  8. The fact that you’re trying to have a “gotcha” moment with this proves you don’t know a fucking thing. You truly are a man raised by television.
  9. And history has shown that was a huge mistake.
  10. Nah, Xbox sucked before any of this sjw nonsense started. it was when Mattrick decided that gamers only needed 4 things - Halo, Gears, Forza, 30 day exclusive cod map packs. That was it. That was your lot every single fucking year.
  11. In Clown world he’s the sane one and we’re the whackjobs. This world must be cleansed.
  12. Roff I just posted this for you too in the other thread seems the furry freaks and gender fluid degenerates are going crazy for it.