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  1. "xenophobic hate filled site" lol imagine being this retarded. It was basically Twitter but without the 20,000 pronouns.
  2. its funny how people like us on the outside in Europe can see what's going on but the sheep drinking the CNN and MSNBC koolaid all day somehow think we're the ones that are brainwashed Biden - the President so popular and the election so fair he needs 20,000 troops to enforce his inauguration. At this rate all the immigrants moving there from latin america will be rushing to go back home
  3. guy that nobody cared for gets the most votes ever, reports nationwide of election fraud all ignored and silenced, so popular he needs a small army on inauguration day.....funny you should mention third world countries, because you're now in one enjoy the banana republic Jerry
  4. Impeachment means nothing now lol so congrats on that. "Oh noes teh other party doeesn't like me!!" it just shows Trump was doing a good job
  5. an arthouse lesbian drama director sounds perfect for TLOU
  6. Trump has coattails but no coat. Biden defies statistical odds and all logic and reason but I'm sure his victory is legit, people are obstructing evidence at every turn but I'm sure they have nothing to hide for what it's worth there was a large number of votes noticed with only Biden on them and nobody else. But yeah left is now accusing republicans of voter fraud too... https://www.rawstory.com/2020/12/why-the-numbers-behind-mitch-mcconnells-re-election-dont-add-up/ https://dailysoundandfury.com/was-mcconnells-re-election-a-fraud-the-numbers-just-dont-add
  7. Because popstars hang it up long, long, long before that? and because rockstars tend to fade into the background long before that? Eminem looks ridiculous here, like he's just glued pubes to his chin. His voice is awful too, there's no authenticity in this now. He's just an irrelevant dated fag trying to remain him and popular.
  8. This is where you're wrong. Again the media is lying to you and you're swallowing it hook, line and sinker. The cases were thrown out for procedural reasons, not a lack of evidence. This was also testified under oath. It's obvious the courts don't want to be involved hence why they're flip-flopping from "can't do it before the election" to "can't do it after the election". They're giving out every excuse in the book and contradicting themselves. If the Trump team was lying why have they been fighting so hard to get access to evidence? why have the Democrats or local government bei
  9. Imagine being so partisan you don't care about the Biden family being compromised
  10. This fucking clown Swallows the narrative hook, line and sinker. After being told it was wrong, still doesn't listen to the people who were right in the and instead continues to swallow the kind of shit he reads on Facebook because being "right" is more important than being right. This is the person who fully believed the Russia hoax for 4 years even though in the end as we called it, it all ended up being bullshit How many times do you need your media to lie to you and cover up the truth before you realize you're being brainwashed and taken for a fool?
  11. Its funny how the left are constantly sticking up for sex workers, will go the mile for convicted felons, and believe crazy shit like a man saying he's a woman.....makes him a woman and that there are over 70 genders, yet they see something similar from a conservative and its "nope, shes crazy"
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