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  1. It has no games. We told you this before you bought it. Might as well sell it now while it's still worth something because you sure as hell won't be playing games on it anytime soon.
  2. What do you expect? None of that was ever designed to include a name change there's a reason why they kept putting this feature off for years.
  3. All they need to fiz is the battery life. It's shocking. Getting rid of the stupid light mighr help for a start.
  4. Pretty sure those were in the last version from a few years back. Its obviously the radical left agenda taking hold of Sony.
  5. He probably did it as well. Cooke notify the authorities.
  6. And on the other side, western women don't want to fuck some geek who spends his time doing soyface poses in photos with his Nintendo Switch.
  7. That's exactly what they think, and if you notice tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum came right in after your post to laugh and gloat about it. Getting away with a crime due to your ethnicity and political leanings is good and just and apparantly hilarious to them This is the left. This is what they stand for.
  8. Bhytre is right. Why would you want to post there? It's full of commies, troons, degenrates and lunatics.
  9. Don't get it. Why did they ban you? Because you assumed his gender? Or because by saying he's "the man" its a form of misogyny as you're saying men are superior to women?
  10. Doubtful it's true. She's not his type as she's over the age of 14.