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  1. Coincidentally the 3 people who call you out on your political bullshot And "losing my shit" over videogames? Do you know where you are retard? We're on a forum called SystemWars, dedicated to videogame console wars and we call each other animal names. What do you expect? For us to sit around discussing fine art? "Everyone I disagree with politically is Hitler" became "everyone I disagree with politically is an incel". You're projecting son.
  2. Remember when Sheep used to talk shit about remasters? Just play the superior version on PC.
  3. Isnt it funny everyone you disagree with is an "incel" in your mind I wonder what that says.
  4. He says as they push us to pretend there are 72 genders and send people to prison because they wont pretend a man wearing womens clothes is a woman. Lordmerica showed some old spirit today, I'm so proud of you all
  5. If this was all I had to play I'd quit gaming. Though I suppose in a way anyone who only owns an xbox HAS quit gaming.
  6. If he dares to show his face you just know he's going to get personal "TLHBO has third world internet because he's homeless" "Jerky sleeps on the floor in a shared bedroom with his 14 brothers" "Goobersan has never kissed a girl" All this rage because xbox has no games. Lemmings get mad because xbox sucks and hasn't had any games since the latter days of 360, but instead of just moving on to a system that has games they stick with this flop and rage at Sony and everyone else like it's their fault xbox has no games to play. At leas
  7. JonB hiding JonB scared JonB having no games to play for the rest of the year @JonbX
  8. It is, hyping up an undesirable product that nobody wants. However if I had a gun to my head I'd pick a 400lb woman over an xbox.
  9. Whereis @JonbXnow? Is he really going to hide until Microsoft buys another publisher?
  10. I had no idea honey I flopped the kids is released this year I thought it came and flopped years ago but it turns out that was only early access. So its not even a new game, just the same tired flop lemmings have been playing for 2 years. Xflop just goes from bad to worse. It hasnt had any games since the latter years of the 360 era but at least it always had that Forza staple, now it doesn't even have that.
  11. Microsoft is notorious for lying and they have been bullshitting for a long time now. Lemmings are stupid enough to beoieve them everytime.
  12. How does that kind of mistake even make it through?
  13. On the front page, in the banners at the top of the page, look for one that says steam next-fest. Click that and it will take you through to all the demos.
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