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  1. Meh on one hand I feel like I could skip consoles if I knew all their games would end up on PC anyway, on the other I wouldn't buy them on release. ain't no way I'm paying full whack for old ports. My concern is that Sony may move to putting them on their own half-assed launcher/service in the future.
  2. It wouodnt be that bad but Im pretty sure he was shitting on the Steamdeck as the actual concept of a handheod PC.....now hes buying a niche one How quickly he turned around.
  3. This was obvious to everyone but the deluded lemshits. Sony still wants to move hardware, games like God of War and Spider-Man are system sellers. These games will go on to sell millions, it makes sense to use them to their full potential on PlayStation and then bring them to PC when the fust has settled. For Microsoft it's different. When your games are forgettable trash like Grounded and Sea if Thieves these games aren't moving shit and will likely get buried and forgotten if they remain xbox exclusive. These games need to be spread out for as much exposure as possible and nobody
  4. The razer/verizon product seems like it will use Android, and the problem is Android games are kind of limited. Steamdeck got buzz because it was a full fledged PC with PC games. In fact it sounds like a lot more people are using these as desktops than Valve initially expected - which is great. In other steamdeck news Valve saw what people were doing with custom bootvideos and decided to make it easier https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/10/valve-makes-steam-deck-custom-boot-screens-easier/ the joys of having an open device.
  5. That's great, and they say as word of mouth spreads the orders are growing.
  6. Trash game from a trash company. They demand government ID for your blizzard account and now a phone number to play Overwatch online. Not worth it.
  7. A remaster would be pointless. A MP could be cool if it was like Primal Carnage where it's Dinosaurs vs Hunters. Imagine getting to control a Thunderjaw
  8. Windows 10 is bad enough on desktop The fuck I'm installing it on a handheld. Reading that article some games appear to run better on SteamOS, games that aren't even native. Like Lemij says it's pointless to lose everything that makes SteamOS good for the sake of a few games having a small framrate increase. The only reason to install windows would be if you really wanted a handheld PC but mostly for games that use anticheat, or you mostly play via other launchers like EGS or Origin. Basically someone like you who is going to get it and jump on Battlefield and Destiny
  9. Your state looks beautiful no doubt about it but hurricanes, alligators in your backyard and whatever else you got? it ain't worth it man.
  10. I ordered a Deck on the 21st, a few days back on the 29th I was asked to complete the order. Those Steamdeck waiting periods really came down.
  11. The virgin Americans suffering through hurricanes vs the chad Europeans with nothing but gray skies and rain 350 days of the year
  12. Top 10 by playtime for September Vampire Survivors Elden Ring Stardew Valley Cyberpunk 2077 Hades No Man’s Sky The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Cult of the Lamb Disney Dreamlight Valley
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