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  1. It looks better It actually looks better You can’t make this shit up.
  2. Lmao he really does have the same excuses and damage control as you
  3. I started watching the video and he’s just running damage control about the lighting and time of day for the first 5 minutes is this Deeno?
  4. I heard it was bad but thought people were exaggerating. This is the worst looking first party game I’ve ever seen. It looks like a mediocre 360 game.
  5. Hes got no games. Banging on about how xbox is the best despite having no games in 6 years was too hard even for Jon.
  6. That’s your take away from all this? Stop reading ResetEra
  7. Old Substatic is back Console pleb rape incoming
  8. I believe they like to be called “minor attracted persons” you anti-LGBTQP biggot.
  9. It depends on the display and content.
  10. Oblivion wasnt anywhere near as good as I was expecting but I managed to put some hours into it and do quest lines. Skyrim no matter how hard I tried never held my attention all the way through. I agree with others that oblivion was better looking too. The characters might have looked bad but it was colourful and pleasant. Skryim was gray, brown and dirty looking. Like a 2007 xbox 360 shooter
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