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What other GameCube game needs a 10.0 remake?

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1 hour ago, Cooke said:

Rogue Leader and Eternal Darkness next please. 


Rouge Leader was bananas for its time.....I believe  it ran at 60fps too.. Factor 5 were coding geniuses. 


Rouge leader and its sequel would make great remakes... But it won't happen because of licensing. 


Wind waker remake that includes all the cut content would be fire too. 



Killer 7

Viewtiful Joe (1st game) 

Metroid Prime 2

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I really didn't play many gamecube games, but If I had to pick one I guess it would be Twin Snakes


1 hour ago, TLHBO said:

Eternal Darkness with a full remake would be great. I think outside of that there isn't anything left on the GC that was truly worth it.


Oh boy, I watched GB play through that game recently and it hasn't aged well at all. The gameplay seems painful enough that a remake would need to overhaul everything.

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14 hours ago, lostfool said:

Second best system ever behind the SNES


Yes, the SNES is the best console ever, but gamecube is the worst. :reg:

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