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    I already had one, but guess which conso- err handheld I don't have and never will A: tshbr
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    Like the PS5 GPU being a gen behind and not having hardware accelerated Ray Tracing?
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    That was going to be the turning point for a Rams comeback, but once again the ref bias screws over the Rams. Shit is rigged and I refuse to watch anymore of this.
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    It’s great, especially if you play it from both sides, involving a major decision you have to make. It gives the player that extra incentive to put in another 50 hours into it. It’s like two campaigns in one, and each of the three houses have unique characters with charm to spare.
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    I do hear a lot about The Three Kingdoms. Everyone who has played it seem to love it. Never see anything negative about the game.
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    Visual novels are the only genre I loathe. I could not care less about praise being heaped on a game in the genre, I will never have any desire to play it. I generally dislike JRPGs, but if one of them gets GOTY hype or somebody that's not really into JRPGs says it's good I'll entertain the idea. I played Octopath Traveller and have come real close to buying Persona 5 a good dozen times over the years, but it's the time investment that turns me away more than anything each time. The strand genre is off to a poor start, too.
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    Never got to play the demo But that's a good length for that sort of game, you can do a lot with a big mansion
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    that sounds atrocious. i want to have fun and avoid the frustration of how real skateboarding is
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    Fucking bloody hell, that was one amazing hour of television. Again, I don't know if the original comic series explains the origin story of all characters, and in this case, the origin of: But, if the comic book series doesn't, and Damon Lindelof went ahead and ret-conned an origin story for it..........then that dude has, straight-up, created one of the best pieces of comic-book narratives ever. It stands alone. Not only that, it makes alot of logical sense to create such an origin story for that guy. It would explain alot of how the character looks like, to begin with. I'd say it drags a little in the latter half, but that's because we see this character's life start to fall apart on him. They also setup a basis for what will happen in the original Watchmen comic. Wow, I only saw one episode of The Leftovers, and I believe it was that "dreamy" episode from Season 3. And tonight episode of Watchmen is every bit as far-out. The second podcast has gone up for the Watchmen podcast. I highly recommend it. They sit down with Damon Lindelof to explain the story up to that point. (1 podcast per every 3 episodes).
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    Another godly Watchmen. I love how they’ve been spending the last few episodes on just 1 or 2 key characters. Oh..and that revelation at the end. Brilliant!
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    Placed 3/100 in a poker tournament yesterday. Nearly 8 hours at the table.
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    https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28148018/source-russell-westbrook-brother-gets-verbal-altercation-montrezl-harrell please let these teams meet in the playoffs im not sure theres ever been 2 teams that deserve each other more
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